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Japanese Maple Replacements

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Our Bloodgood Japanese Maple has verticillium wilt, so it will need to be replaced soon. What shrubs/small trees would have a similar look in our garden bed, also helping to screen from the neighbors, but not be susceptible to this wilt? We understand that it remains in the soil even after the affected plant is gone. Thanks!! 


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    If you want to replace your maple with a another small tree, dogwoods and American hornbeams are resistant to verticillium wilt. If you really want something with reddish foliage like the Bloodgood maple, you could try 'Prairifire' crab apple, which has purplish foliage. Conifers are also resistant, so even though they would provide a different look, it's something that might be worth considering since they are evergreen and screening is a priority.

    Here are some are article links to check out for more information:

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      Thanks! I'm so grateful for your answer!

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