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Iris bloom schedule mix-up

julia103 | Posted in Mid-Atlantic Gardening on

Just received the August 2024 issue yesterday, and there is a mix-up of the bloom times for irises at the bottom of p. 22. It states that Siberian iris (siberica) bloom AFTER Japanese iris (ensata), but BEFORE German iris (germanica).

For me, that is backwards.

The succession of irises in my mid-MD, zone 7 garden (and I think most gardens through-out the US) is:

Iris reticulata (late Feb–this year due to a hot February; ususally start early Mar);

Bearded/German iris (germanica)–Starting late April, continuing early-mid May (a few hanging on May 22nd);

Siberian iris (siberica)–Started 2nd week of May; singles finished, doubles still blooming, but struggling in our high 80s heat;

Louisiana–Just started blooming today (May 22, again short lived in this heat); and

Japanese iris (ensata)–Full of buds, usually blooming 1st-2nd weeks of June.

No longer have any bulb type Dutch iris, as they struggled in my heavy clay soil, but I think I remember them in Mid-April. No longer have tectorum either for the same reason.

Plus, although my Harvest of Memories and Immortality do set big fat buds in the fall, they have never actually rebloomed, being killed by October frosts. Maybe zone 8?


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    LSweeney_moderator | | #1

    Hi! I think you are right, for most of us the bloom succession would likely be germanica - sibirica - ensata.

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