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How to have success with aspen trees?

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I’m struggling with keeping my aspen trees healthy and happy on my property. I had 3 aspens planted in my backyard 2 summers ago. One died that first summer, the other two had some type of fungus that I mitigated with a spray I bought, and this year, they seemed healthy and happy. Anything I can do to ensure they will be healthy next summer? The biggest problem is that my neighbor’s water slopes down into my yard. We put in a pipe to drain the water years ago, but we still get extra water…


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    maryannnewcomer | | #1

    Hi there! Would you mind telling me where you live in the mountain states? It will help me answer your question.

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    maryannnewcomer | | #2

    This is the best information I have re "aspen health". If you need more help, please write to us again.

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