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Damaged rosemary

user-1143142038 | Posted in Pacific Northwest Gardening on

Astoria, Zone 8b here.  The recent ice storm damaged my three rosemary bushes (2 years old).  Will they rejuvenate if I cut them back in the Spring?


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    Plantswoman | | #1

    Rosemary can be a bit finicky. If there are some good looking branches and leaves it should be fine. One thing that is important is the gardening mantra in February. WAIT. We, as gardeners are so ready for the spring that we want to get out and prune, clean-up, move, and just plain GARDEN. I've learned over the years that February is a time to not do anything drastic. Plants are coming out of dormancy and can be recovering and weak. Wait until you feel a warm breeze, chance of frost is gone, and soil is warming. This will help your Rosemary bounce back from cutting back much better.

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