Plants That Tolerate Sun and Shade in Your Region

Fine Gardening – Issue 218
From left to right: Magical® Pinkerbell smooth hydrangea,; Variegated Spanish dagger, Garden Gate staff; and Creeping Oregon grape,

If gardeners had three wishes, at least one of them would likely be to ask for sunlight conditions in their landscape that would perfectly match their design sensibility and plant preferences (the other wishes would probably be infinite resources for more plants and the time to enjoy them). But our landscapes aren’t uniform, and that is a good thing. Still, when your garden bed stretches from sun to shade and back again, it can make planning a cohesive design difficult. Luckily, a great many plants can tolerate both, making it much easier to have a linked aesthetic across areas and conditions.

The plants listed below were recommended by plant experts in your region and will be happy in just about any lighting conditions. Find plants that tolerate sun and shade in your region here.


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