History of the Rose

A Brief History of the Rise of the Rose


There is no plant variety that holds as much significance in our minds and imaginations as the rose. From Shakespeare to Orson Welles to Andre 3000, the rose has captivated and entranced millions. It has come to represent a multitude of concepts and ideals, some conflicting. How can the same flower that symbolizes purity and beauty also symbolize coldness and distance? Impermanence and longevity? The dream and the barrier to that dream? What is the history of the rose?


What is the background of this most historical flower? How did it go from relative insignificance to decorating tables every holiday and as a symbol of congratulation for every special event or accomplishment?


Our blogger takes a look at the rose’s rise to fame through time with an aim toward helping the lovers of this plant species to understand better how to care for it. What, exactly, led to the rose becoming so ubiquitous? And how can its history inform its future?


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    In the late 1800s a new class of roses was introduced that changed everything.

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    The Rose Gets Fussy

    As rose growing picked up again after the 2nd World War and Americans had unprecedented leisure time, roses got fussy

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