Mark Brotton

Mark Brotton

Mark G. Brotton is an APLD Certified Landscape Designer with Design Awards 2019–2021 and was honored as one of the 12 Top Landscape Professionals in the United States for 2015 (Total Landscape Care magazine). He owns and operates Living Water, Irrigation, and Landscape based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a landscape design company specializing in water management. His passion for creating and enhancing beauty in the outdoors, while saving water, is supported by over 35 years of knowledge and experience. Mark is an EPA WaterSense Partner, a Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC), and a Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor (CLIA) through the Irrigation Association. He has been certified as an Accredited Professional through the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) and is a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL).

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    Southwest Regional Reports

    Resilient Trees for the Southwest

    Trees anchor our landscapes both in size and scale. Landscapes without trees seem barren; even desert environments need trees. Trees stand out in the arid high desert where I live.…

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    Southwest Regional Reports

    Pest Control for the Southwest: Piñon Ips Beetle

    The piñon ips beetle (Ips confusus) infests Southwest-native piñon pines (Pinus edulis, Zones 4–8) throughout the region. According to the Colorado State Forest Service, “Ips beetles, sometimes known as ‘engraver…

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    Plants for Birds in the Southwest

    As William Cullina mentions in his article on plants for birds, the sad reality is songbirds are disappearing: “Habitat loss, pesticides, and the accompanying decline of insect populations have contributed…

    Southwest Regional Reports

    Reliable Performers for the Southwest

    We all want the newest, jazziest plants available, but a garden is not complete without a backbone of infallible plants that provide interest whether your new investments flourish or fail.…