John Bray

  • judging vegetables
    Garden Lifestyle

    Judging Vegetables

    A veteran county-fair judge reveals what makes a blue-ribbon vegetable.

  • Growing for Competition
    Garden Lifestyle

    Growing for Competition

    Find out what it takes to grow vegetables with prize-winning potential on the fair circuit.

  • harvesting edible flowers
    Kitchen Gardening

    Edible Flowers Enliven a Garden

    A Pacific Northwest inn mixes blossoms with greens, and you can too. They'll enliven your palate as well as your landscape.

  • A diagram detailing water entering soil and plant roots via osmosis.

    How and When to Water Your Garden

    Quench your plants' thirst without overdoing it. By getting to know your soil, keeping water where it needs to be, and knowing when to get out the hose, you can…