Helga Olkowski

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    How to Get Rid of Cutworms in the Garden

    Yesterday, beautiful little seedlings were just poking their heads up in the garden. This morning, tragedy! Some seedlings are missing altogether, while others have been beheaded, their fragile tops cut…

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    Traps Aren’t Always the Answer to Furry Garden Pests

    In most people’s minds, humane traps are no-kill, cagelike devices that capture animals using bait. Some claim that certain snares and padded leghold traps are humane, as well, but these…

  • Follow the trails of slime. Slugs and snails sometimes leave behind glistening paths, enabling gardeners to find where they come from and where they feed. This information helps when trying to control or eradicate the local populations.

    Tips for Getting Rid of Slugs and Snails

    Silvery trails give them away: snails stalking the garden, using their single foot to glide along. Like footprints, slime trails provide clues to the behavior of these mollusks: where they’re…

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    Using Bt to Combat Garden Pests

    In addition to being a convenient way to control pests, Bt is also a good way to maintain the natural equilibrium of the ecosystem in your garden.

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    How to Keep Aphids Under Control

    It’s hard to think kindly of aphids, those pesky green bugs that suck the life juices from plants, but we probably should. Aphids are the base of many food chains…

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    Attract Good Bugs to Fight Tomato Pests

    With regular observation, good gardeners catch potential problems before they become severe. By hand-picking, squashing, or pruning off insects pests, they're not likely to multiply beyond control. Helping beneficial insects…