Dan Benarcik

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Reports

    Exciting Evergreens for the Mid-Atlantic

    Evergreens are crucial to achieving varied texture and form, as well as the key to any successful four-season garden. Unfortunately, many gardeners would put a lot of evergreens in the…

  • Spanish poppy in full bloom.

    Orange Plants for a Warm Palette in the Garden

    Why do so many gardeners shy away from orange? I have always been drawn to its warmth and flexibility. Orange is a versatile color; even those who dislike it often…

  • wire container with woven branches

    Use Branches to Add Color to a Container

    At Chanticleer, a public garden near Philadelphia, my main job as a horticulturist is to help create and maintain the innovative plantings that have made the garden famous. But members…

  • Design

    Big-Eared Perennial

    Easy-care elephant’s ears bring a touch of the exotic to containers and borders