• tips for shopping at a garden center

    Tips for Shopping at a Southern California Garden Center

    Garden centers offer a wide range of lovely plants. Yet it’s important to consider not only the plants that we find eye-catching but also those that will thrive in our…

  • Episode 110: Best Gift Plants

    Episode 110: Best Gift Plants

    Always give a gift that you yourself would like to receive. That’s excellent advice when it comes to life—and as gardeners, we can extend that sentiment to giving plants as…

  • These hostas are the stars of the show

    Favorite Hostas

    At first glance many hostas look similar, with cool-colored leaves and mounded growing habits. Yet this group of plants is incredibly diverse, with some varieties distinguishing themselves as standouts. The…

  • How-To

    March Garden To-Do List for the Southwest

    Add mulch to your beds. Mulch around trees, shrubs, and vegetables. Adding a fresh layer of mulch helps your plants retain moisture and in turn reduces the stress on plants…

  • How-To

    March Garden To-Do List for the Northeast

    When February ends and March begins, we winter-weary Northeasterners suffer from Farch (February–March), which consists of a continuation of inconsistent weather and monochrome colors. But let’s not knock March. The…

  • How-To

    March Garden To-Do List for the Mid-Atlantic

    Spring is just around the corner, and there is much to do in the garden. The weather can be finicky in March, but there will be plenty of mild days…

  • bareroot fruit trees at a nursery

    Tips for Choosing and Planting a Bareroot Fruit Tree in Northern California

    Plucking mouthwatering fruit from your own home-grown fruit tree is so rewarding. Growing your own lowers your carbon footprint (that luscious peach you're biting into was not driven in from…

  • The Best Succulents to Grow Inside

    The Best Succulents to Grow Inside

    Succulents have sparked a lot of interest in recent years, and many people have taken on the hobby of growing them in their homes. As gardeners expand their succulent collections,…

  • how to site ground cover

    How to Site Your Ground Cover Plants Right

    The further the spacing, the fewer plants that are needed to cover an area. However, this also means it takes more time for bare areas of ground to be covered.…

  • How-To

    Northern Plains: February Garden To-Do List

    Force branches into flowering. Spring isn’t too far off, but those of us who are getting impatient to see some spring color can meet that need by taking branches from…