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  • garden watering strategies

    A Guide to Garden Watering Systems and Strategies

    The crisis in water availability continues to make international headlines and has always been a topic of discussion for farmers and gardeners alike. However, increasing and prolonged droughts, heat waves,…

  • best watering methods

    Water Smarter: Find the Best Watering Method for Your Situation

    Besides impacting the volume of water needed, the types of plants you have and where they are sited will also determine which water delivery method is best. For example, the…

  • Discolored and dry needles on a Japanese cedar after an unexpected freeze

    How to Protect and Revive Plants After an Unexpected Freeze

    The 2022 holiday season in the South and southeastern United States blew in with a winter storm that will not soon be forgotten. Our region missed much of the snowfall…

  • How-To

    March To-Do List for the Southeast

    March is the new April, y’all. Or maybe April is the new May? I think I’ll throw out the calendar and just spend more time out in the garden clocking…

  • How-To

    March Garden To-Do List for the Southern Plains

    March is a golden month of opportunities in the Southern Plains garden. While the early summer months may be filled with more actual growth, March is the month when anything…

  • How-To

    South: February Garden To-Do List

    Don’t let any mild days pass by this month. There is plenty to do in the garden. Spring ephemerals are starting their show, and some of the earliest-blooming landscape plants…

  • How-To

    Southern California: February Garden To-Do List

    It’s Valentine’s Day month, so plant something red! Or gift a red plant to your significant other. This Super Red® aloe (Aloe ‘LEO 3711’, Zones 9–11) has glorious dark red…

  • Article

    Northern Plains November Garden To-Do List

    Save some seeds. Before cutting down plant material, go through your garden and collect any seeds that you may want to save to start new plants. By now, nature has…

  • Article

    Southeast November Garden To-Do List

    It may seem like November should be a sleepy month for gardeners. That is just not the case, as there is plenty to keep us busy. Our Southeastern region will…

  • Design

    Garden Redesign in Massachusetts

    Today Julie Esteves, a garden designer in Massachusetts, is sharing a garden she restored for Susan Lemkau in Osterville, Massachusetts. We were hired to restore her garden starting last fall,…