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Woodland Garden

Carolyn Faulkner gardens in Brunswick, Maine on approximately 3 acres.

"Over the past few years, I have developed a keen interest in all things woodland.  Gardening in the shade provides a welcome respite from the heat of summer and lower maintenance due to fewer weeds.  These pictures represent the back section of my yard.  I also have several sunny borders, a 30'x30' vegetable garden and a beehive in my yard.  Gardening is my favorite pastime for sure – enjoy!"

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  1. frankgreenhalgh 07/15/2016

    'Holy dooley' that is an impressive woodland garden you have created, Carolyn. Can you tell us about the owl-like ornament? Thanks

    1. carolynrousseaufaulkner 07/16/2016

      Hi Frank,
      The owl ornament is planted in a birdbath with creeping Jenny. It's only 10" tall, but being in the birdbath elevates it to 3'.

  2. frankgreenhalgh 07/15/2016

    OK Kevin, I'm going 'walkabout' to 'woop woop' (bet you cannot work this one out, mate!) this evening and will be out of action for a week or so. I'm sure that you can hold the fort alone on the early GPOD comments during this period! Good luck mate!

    1. user-7007498 07/15/2016

      OK, Frank. Will try not to let you down while you are "off the grid". Have fun.

  3. user-7007498 07/15/2016

    Carolyn: What a peaceful backyard retreat in the woods. As we are sweltering in 92 degree heat in Harrisburg, PA, your woodland garden looks so cool. I love the use of blue hostas.
    Thanks for sharing you love of gardening.

  4. user-7007960 07/15/2016

    Absolutely gorgeous, and so peaceful. What a respite from the cares of the World.. Your love of gardening and natural flow of the woodlands does show! Show us your sunny borders sometime too. Thank you for the moments of tranquillity.

  5. User avater
    user-7007816 07/15/2016

    Carolyn--What a beautiful space you have created in your woodland setting. I particularly like the way you have used the different shades green and different textures so effectively.

  6. user-6294369 07/15/2016

    Excellent layout and plant selection. I have a question for you.
    I'm moving to norther California and plan on doing a similar design. How do you keep the deer and other animals from eating your plants?

    1. carolynrousseaufaulkner 07/16/2016

      HI Donald,
      The garden borders a deep ravine which has deterred exploration by deer. No fencing necessary.

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/15/2016

    Who can resist the welcoming whisper of a woodland path?...esp. one enhanced with gorgeous hostas, flowering rhodies and pops of chartreuse! You've done a masterful job, Carolyn. Your paths seem at one with nature and so harmonious with the grace of the tall trees. Your stone owl is one of my favorite garden ornaments...amazing how much personality it communicates in spite of its minimal detail. He's perfect for his surroundings.
    And, by the way, I am seriously jealous of your lush coral bells...they look so healthy.

    1. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/15/2016

      Great alliteration. Perhaps you could have improved with "Who could resist wantonly wandering with the welcoming whisper of a winding woodland walkway within well-tended woods?

      1. User avater
        meander_michaele 07/15/2016

        Ha, pretty funny. You are in great form ...must be the thought of the upcoming weekend that has you unleashing your playful side. Tara had just walked by and asked what I was laughing at so I had to read both our versions aloud to her. She got a kick out of your "new and improved" effort.

  8. Jay_Sifford 07/15/2016

    Hi Carolyn. I'm a pushover for a good woodland garden. I think there's a learning curve when it comes to planting and maintaining a successful and beautiful woodland garden, but you've mastered it well. Along with meander1, I love your stone owl. I think every garden deserves at least one good sculpture. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing.

  9. NCYarden 07/15/2016

    Nothing like a stroll through the woods, especially when so pleasantly decorated with a variety of plant delights. And a very true statement about an escape from the heat. Our woodland garden was the first endeavor not long after we acquired our home, before I turned my attention to reducing all the grass out front and replacing it with much more interesting plants. Now that most of that is established, our attention has returned to expanding the woodland garden further. Your pics today have provided a surge of inspiration. You created a beautiful and inviting setting in your patch of forest. Thanks for sharing.

  10. user-4691082 07/15/2016

    Carolyn, I love every photo! We are coming to Maine to Highland Lake in August. Maine is my FAVORITE destination in the summer. We love the smell of the pine trees, and seeing your property makes me want to be there now!!! I love shade gardening also and my shade gardens are packed! I just bought nine more heucheras. I'm channeling Tim Voit...

    1. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/15/2016

      I knew I felt the force draining from me....

      1. user-4691082 07/15/2016

        So sorry, Tim. I see I spelled your name incorrectly. I'll get it right next time! But I'm not sorry I am channeling you!

        1. User avater
          Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/15/2016

          Spell it any way you want! It's difficult for people to spell and to pronounce (without having heard it first) when reading it. The 'oj' is pronounced 'oy', as in "Oy Vey!"

  11. User avater
    treasuresmom 07/15/2016

    I am so totally jealous of this!!! I only have a few pines but if I win the lottery I am buying a place that I can do what you have done. Just love, love, love this!!

  12. CJgardens 07/15/2016

    Carolyn, your shade gardens are gorgeous. A yard with a chicken coop, bee hives, 30 X 30 vegetable garden, sunny borders and shady paths is my kind of home. Please share more pics of your property. Just wonderful!!

  13. NWAgardener 07/15/2016

    Carolyn - your woodland garden is magnificent and I would love to be strolling along that path right now! I feel so calm and peaceful when tending my shade gardens (not to mention much cooler in mid-summer) and prefer shade gardening to sun gardening hands down for the reasons you mentioned. What is the name of the large variegated hosta next to the rhododendron in the last picture? Is it Hosta 'Liberty'? How do you keep deer away from your hosta buffet? Do you have a sitting area in your woodland garden? I, too, would love to see additional pictures of your gardens. Thanks for such a lovely post.

  14. schatzi 07/15/2016

    Much as I love my flowers, there is nothing prettier than a woodland garden with its blessed respite from summer heat. Beautiful job. Show us more!

  15. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 07/15/2016

    Now this is a woodland garden. Absolutely love your plant choices and am so envious as my woodland garden is the local 4 legged marauders favorite buffet. Hosta wouldn't last long here as they even fed on my heucheras recently which they usually leave for the rabbits. Are you fenced or just lucky enough to not have deer? Your paths are inviting and your owl sculpture adds some nice whimsy. I hope you'll share your sunny borders with us, too.

    1. carolynrousseaufaulkner 07/16/2016

      Hi Linda,
      There is no fence, but these gardens border a deep ravine which helps deter the deer. We occasionally get visits, but so far, the damage has been minimal.

  16. nenitafranck 07/15/2016

    Very nice healthy plants loving the shade. Your soil also looks so nutritious. I bet you've got some sunny areas on your property to complement the whole package. Thanks for the soothing pictures. I know you've worked hard and loved every minute!!

  17. views_opinion 07/15/2016

    Excellent Work. Art with allowing the nature to take its course. It would be informative and enlightening to know the names of those plants in the picture. I would like to try planting them under the shade of my trees too. Keep sharing more pictures!

  18. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/15/2016

    Totally gorgeous, from the Adiantum to the metal spirals to the tuberous begonia: well-done! I feel cooler already! Is that a chicken coop? What nests in the bird house with the big hole on the birch (?) tree?

  19. marlenemullet 07/15/2016

    Your gardens are beautiful! I also love shade/woodland gardening:)

  20. digginWA 07/15/2016

    Love the photog skills. That owl!

  21. perenniallycrazy 07/16/2016

    Looks like I missed alot by not having wifi. Woodland gardens are my absolute favorite gardens of all and yours is so personal, tranquil and divine! My fave photo of all is the third to the last. Your art is well-placed and photographs really well.

  22. Allis1957 03/03/2023

    Thanks for sharing about your garden. It's so beautiful! I also want to share Terraria to everyone. Hope it will satisfy you.

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