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Whisper-soft texture at dusk

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

In the garden of Sabrina and Freeland Tanner in Napa, California, a lantern is tucked into a low sweep of feather grass (Stipa sp., USDA Hardiness Zones 7-11), which just serves to enhance the lantern’s gentle glow.

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  1. arboretum 06/08/2010

    What an exquisite shot.This really does need to be on a calendar so it could be appreciated for at least 30 days!
    It immediately makes me think of the annual "Art in Bloom" at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, where various garden clubs choose a work of art and place an arrangement next to it- that echoes the artwork. This arrangement of lantern and fine grasses is, in my mind, the perfect thing to express the main character in the film Ran, Kurosawa's medieval Japanese version of King Lear. The mad king's long wild hair is a fountain of fine grey, and his face is made up in the dramatic bold white and black of Kabuki theater!!

    The Tanner's definitely deserve First Prize here!
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