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Toddler in the berry patch!

Photo/Illustration: Sarah Dobsevage

Nearly a year has passed since my granddaughter first ventured into the basil patch, and now, on the cusp of two, she is mobile and decisive. It’s June, and in Connecticut that means ripening strawberries, so we gave her a colander and sent her into the berry bed to pick. She loved what she found. Is there a better way to interest kids in gardening?

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Photo/Illustration: Sarah Dobsevage
Photo/Illustration: Sarah Dobsevage
Photo/Illustration: Sarah Dobsevage
Photo/Illustration: Sarah Dobsevage



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  1. rion 06/15/2011

    She is so adorable! Thanks for sharing yor pictures of her.

  2. stanhorst 06/15/2011

    What sweet pictures. She is so cute, and the look on her face when she puts the strawberry in her mouth is priceless!

  3. petuniababi 06/15/2011

    What a precious little girl!!!Thanks for sharing her with us.

  4. sheilaschultz 06/15/2011

    As a child I used to love to visit my grandparents in AR. They had a huge garden out back and I was free to pick and eat as many strawberries as my tummy could hold. Your granddaughter will remember these special moments, lucky little girl!

  5. JardinDelSol 06/15/2011

    Isn't she the cutest little cherub EVER? You are starting her off right, grandmom........ another gardener will carry on your heritage working in the dirt! Best gift you could give a child. Thanks for sharing these adorable photos!

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