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The Misty and Mysterious Mt. Stewart

Thanks to Holly Rupert for sharing her photos from Mt. Stewart, and inspiring me to add a trip to my bucket list!

"After seeing your invitation to share garden photos, it seemed only right to send along some images from Mount Stewart, a magnificent estate garden in Northern Ireland.  Several of the garden rooms were designed by Gertrude Jekyll and reflect the Arts and Craft style. As well, the lakeside walk with its view of mature Japanese maples is outstanding. These images capture the misty and mysterious world that is Mt Stewart. Yours, with continuing appreciation for the work you do at Fine Gardening."

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/22/2016

    Thanks, Holly, for whetting my appetite to see even more pictures of this beautiful garden...I'm now off for some google images search time.

  2. Quiltingmamma 03/22/2016

    Oh my. Living in the 'New World' in cities of brief history, I always appreciate the sense of age and presence a long established property presents. This is a lovely representation of balance, companionship between plants and hardscape. I want that hedge that has been shaped as pillars and cap stones (at least I think it is all evergreen). Just lovely. I clearly need to add this as a stop for a future trip.
    I will note, however that there is a typo. It is in Northern IRELAND, not 'Island'.

  3. VikkiVA 03/22/2016

    What a treat to see this historic garden with its mature trees and lovely floral plantings. I want that mega birdhouse (is it even a birdhouse?) in the last picture. How cool is that? Vikki in VA.

    1. anitaberlanga 03/22/2016

      it looks like a vintage dovecote. It is gorgeous!

  4. annek 03/22/2016

    Spectacular! Quilting mama said it beautifully, "the balance and companionship between plants and hardscape" is lovely. Oh yes, it's now on my bucket list too

  5. GrannyMay 03/22/2016

    Thanks for sharing this amazing garden with us, Holly. For those who are planning a trip to the Belfast area of Northern Ireland, here is a link to whet your appetite to visit it.

  6. sheila_schultz 03/22/2016

    If I were a writer of historical fiction, I would be on a plane heading to Belfast to soak in the haunting beauty of this estate. My imagination could run wild while walking these garden paths! Thanks for the photos, Holly!

  7. User avater
    HelloFromMD 03/22/2016

    It would be amazing to see garden rooms designed by Gertrude J.

  8. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 03/22/2016

    Thanks, Holly, as others have already said here, this will go on the " must see" list. There is nothing quite like walking in a garden that dates back generations. I like the formal / informal mixture of plantings. You must have had a great time exploring these beautiful grounds.

  9. views_opinion 03/30/2016

    Can the dried flowers and leaves of Crimson King Nicotiana be used for smoking?

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