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The Many Seasons of Birch

Patty Clark from Yakima Valley in Washington State shows us her favorite trees in a variety of seasons.

"Today I am sharing seasonal pics of one of my favorite trees, Jacquemontii Birch (Betula utilis). In winter the birch trees provide a vivid white spark during darker days. During the summer here in the Yakima Valley the birch provide a beautiful back-drop for my white roses."

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  1. jeffgoodearth 01/15/2016

    love those trees! I gave up on white barked birches here and can only successfully grow River birch. yours are beautiful

  2. User avater
    HelloFromMD 01/15/2016

    I share your love of birch trees. Pleasure to see them in your beautiful garden. Hope you have more photos to share of other seasons in your garden with the gate. Circles and spheres add so much to a garden. That gate is so elegant.

  3. User avater
    user-7007816 01/15/2016

    Fun study of trees. I'll have to try this next year.

  4. NCYarden 01/15/2016

    Gorgeous trees. Tried growing here and it just isn't going to happen, certainly not over any length of time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. wGardens 01/15/2016

    Love your photos! The trees are lovely- and those roses are spectacular! Beautiful and peaceful winter scene of your yard~ Thank you for sharing!

  6. diane_lasauce 01/15/2016

    Oooh la la

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/15/2016

    Your birches are wonderfully worthy subjects for night time uplighting, Patty, and I'm sure the textural shadows created by their bark are particularly beautiful if one were to wander closer to them. Of course, they are gorgeous contrasted against a perfect blue sky, also.

    The exquisiteness of your moon gate rang a bell and a google search took me to 2 of your previous sets of photos on gpod. Your garden is definitely a memorable one with its oh, so handsome rock work, beautiful plantings and delightful objects of ornamentation. It's always a treat to see any part of it you wish to share.

  8. user-4691082 01/15/2016

    I can't believe how different your yard looks in different seasons! All very beautiful. I especially love the last one.

  9. cheryl_c 01/15/2016

    I love those white roses in front of the white trunks of the birches - surprisingly beautiful. And, as others have said, the final shot with the moon gate is jaw-dropping!

  10. Sunshine111 01/15/2016

    Lovely! My favorite is the winter scene. I have a clump of river birch in my front yard that I am in love with also.

  11. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/15/2016

    Love your garden, Patty, and these photos are amazing. That is a great tree and stunning feature in your garden. I think that Vita Sackville-West would be envious of your 'white garden' of white roses in front of the birch. Very serene.

  12. GrannyMay 01/15/2016

    Your birches are beautiful, as is the rest of your garden! Wonderful photos!

  13. wittyone 01/15/2016

    Beautiful pics especially the winter one. I love it when the snow fall has just the right amount of wetness in it and freezes on the trees coating the limbs, twigs and twigletts individually with a lacy frosting.

  14. VikkiVA 01/15/2016

    Your last photo is magazine worthy! Thank you for sharing the beauty. Vikki in VA

  15. Clarkpark 01/15/2016

    I appreciate all the kind compliments. The white shrub roses are Alba Meidiland.??

  16. eddireid 01/15/2016

    Birch is one of my favorite trees and yours are gorgeous. I lost one of mine last year and refuse to cut it down! The silver is hard to grow in my garden but I have quite a few river birch - every variety is so graceful all year. Love your winter photo and have renewed my longing for a Moon gate. Your garden is lovely, Patty.

  17. sheila_schultz 01/15/2016

    Your birch trees are beautiful Patty, as are your peaceful gardens. The winter scene is downright dreamy! I have had a soft spot in my heart for birch trees since I was a little girl and brought a teeny-tiny one home for Arbor Day, it couldn't have been more than 12" long. My dad and I carefully planted it in the back yard and tended to it with love. As an adult I returned to my hometown and drove past our old house... my birch tree towered over the roof and was still swaying in the breeze.

  18. perenniallycrazy 01/15/2016

    Gorgeous and quite the site to beholden any time of the year. If I had a view like that, I'll definitely be photo of those as my holiday greeting card every year.

  19. schatzi 01/15/2016

    Couldn't agree more or say it better. Gorgeous garden.

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