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The Ghost Walk

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

This shady corridor at Old Westbury Gardens in Old Westbury, New York, ends at two clever peacocks, their plumage represented by evergreen shrubbery.

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais
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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais


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  1. gottagarden 10/10/2011

    All of these public gardens are quite wonderful.

    My 2 cents, it would be nice to see some home garden photos.

  2. Steepdrive 10/10/2011

    When I signed up for garden photo of the day I really expected to see a much bigger photo on my screen. It's disappointing to be showered with ads and get such a little photo.

    And I agree with gottagarden - include some home garden shots.

  3. rion 10/10/2011

    I agree with the above comments. The gardens are beautiful but I'm looking for photos that people have done in their yards. I'm getting to the point that it's not the first thing I want to look at anymore. Could you please get back to the family pictures please?

  4. NWAgardener 10/10/2011

    Ditto to the comments below. I love to see photos of other home gardens because I am interested in ideas I can incorporate in my own garden. I would also like to be able to identify the individual plants in the photos so I could use those plants that I like in my own garden or be able to substitute something similar.

    Thank you for your wonderful website.

  5. Vespasia 10/10/2011

    I love the way your eye is draw down the path and the whimsical peacocks are a great idea.

    With regard to Steepdrives comment about larger photos, try this click on the enlarge link, this opens up another window which you can then zoom into if you want to get detail. You can also save these images for reference if you want to, I have a Mac so I just drag them to my desktop and then import them into iPhoto, where I have a special album of garden reference shots.

    I would also like to see some more regular home garden pictures but I do love the "photo of the day"idea it brightens up my morning!

  6. MichelleGervais 10/10/2011

    Wow, I'm so glad I'm back from vacation today so that I can switch around some posts, because you guys would NOT have liked what I had planned for tomorrow! :-)

    For the last two years, most of the posts on the GPOD have come from my travels as an editor here at FG over the past 10 years. I've visited tons of private gardens across the country, and featured lots of photos from those gardens, but after more than 460 posts (most with multiple photos), that well is starting to run dry. On top of that, I can only post photos that have no chance of eventually making it into the pages of Fine Gardening, not because they aren't worthy subjects, but because we don't have an angle with which to include them in an article or department.

    Lately, I've been traveling to public gardens to gather general shots for future issues, and lots of interesting things have popped up that I've been excited to share. But I can see how images public gardens can start to get old. But keep in mind that public gardens exist to inspire!

    Now I'm challenging you: Send me photos of your gardens! We've featured lots of reader photos in the past, and they've always been my favorites. Some tips on how to get your photos featured? I've noticed that portraits of one flower or leaf are snoozers for you guys. All I get are snores (no comments, and very few "likes.") Close-in shots of plant combinations, same thing. But you seem to love outdoor living areas and unusual plantings or ornaments, especially if they're home-made. Whimsical garden elements always generate a smile, too.

    Keep the feedback coming!

  7. frenchiesu 10/10/2011

    I love to see any garden, but I wish they would fix the one peacocks tail...the one with the hosta and the tree behind it with no "foliage" til you are at the very top. It looks like the other peacock has pecked his tail away with all those bare branches. Surely they could find a vine or something to fill in!
    Thanks for showing all the lovely pics of all the gardens. I enjoy them all. I agree it's nice to have a variety but I suppose you can't show what you don't have!!! I'll see if I have anything worth sending!

  8. TimothyLeddy 10/12/2019

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