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The gardens at Cady’s Falls Nursery in Vermont

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Photo/Illustration: Danielle Sherry

FG’s senior editor, Danielle Sherry, came back from a trip recently so excited about a nursery she’d visited that she insisted I share it with you all. After I saw the photos she’d taken I agreed.

Danielle says, “Anyone who loves cool nurseries and/or stunning gardens and has NOT visited Cady’s Falls Nursery better run right out and book a trip to this remote locale. It’s a treasure of a place, just off the beaten path in Morrisville, Vermont.

Photo/Illustration: Danielle Sherry

“Don and Lela Avery pride themselves on offering truly unique plants that you can’t find anywhere else, from a Norway spruce called ‘Perry’s Golden’ that gets blonde “highlights” in spring to a sticky, lizard-looking bog plant that catches its weight in mosquitoes daily. These plants, along with several hundred others, can be seen in all their mature glory throughout their incredible display gardens. I got lost in them for several hours this spring and I still don’t think I saw everything. Check out more photos and their plant lists at the nursery website: This place is definitely worth the trip!”

Thanks, Danielle! (And thanks, also, for finding a garden to feature in Vermont, our 40th state to be featured on the GPOD!)

Photo/Illustration: Danielle Sherry

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  1. user-258617 08/31/2012

    Wow,Wow,Wow! I am so inspired! Your website is wonderful... so informative with wonderful pictures that actually show the plants in situ. I will book a vacation soon to see your wonderful nursery. I will be a little sad however that I will be unable to take some of your wonderful plants back to Canada.

  2. wGardens 08/31/2012

    Totally AWESOME! Thank you for bringing this Nursery to our attention. Definately on my "to-do" list!

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/31/2012

    Wished I lived even remotely close to such a wonderful nursery...although my checkbook is probably breathing a sigh of relief since it knows it would be reduced to zero with so much temptation. I really appreciate when a nursery business goes that extra mile to create bona fide gardens for customers to enjoy and be inspired by. Now I'm off to enjoy their website.

  4. GarPho 08/31/2012

    Alas, Cady's Falls is no longer one of my big secrets! People may be interested to know they have a few specialties -- dwarf woodies, especially the Genus Larix, and wildflowers. It is nearly a five hour drive for me, but I take a carload of friends and we come home loaded to the gills. It is a mom and pop business, they don't do mail order or credit. So be sure to take your checkbook.

  5. wittyone 08/31/2012

    What a fine example of a nursery/display garden. Nurseries of this type are so useful, not to mention wonderful just to walk around in and experience. Being able to see a mature plant, the size and shape and associated plantings, is quite instructive. But then having the material available right there on the spot gives the "looker" a chance buy with the hopes of siting the plant material appropriately so as to achieve maximum effect.

  6. woodlandgardener 08/31/2012

    I am certain that the garden centre is great, but the garden is fabulous. Wonderful example of contrast in mass/form, texture and colour. Very inspiring - thanks!

  7. tractor1 08/31/2012

    Cady's Falls Nursery is outstanding with its plant selections and displays, I enjoyed their web site immensely, and most especially their conifers in winter... there you will see why I'm forever suggesting folks in the northern climes plant conifers.

  8. Vespasian 08/31/2012

    So beautiful, who would have thought it was a nursery! I wish it was near us so we could visit it.

  9. Formandfoliage 08/31/2012

    Great spot! Look at all of that foliage and what a great backdrop it is for the flowers. Would love to see shots of this nursery garden in fall and winter.

  10. sunterra7 08/31/2012

    I was just so blown away looking at these photos and their beautiful what they have done! And to know we are in the same growing zone 4 makes up for all the times I see Zone 5 and up gardens with great plants we can't grow here in Minnesota...obviously we have more than enough to choose from. Wish this particular nursery was closer!

  11. tractor1 08/31/2012

    Formandfoliage: At the Cady's Falls Nursery web site there are sections with wonderful seasonal pictures. I only wish I lived a bit closer.

  12. arboretum 08/31/2012

    we have been going to Cady's Falls for the last 20+ yrs and it has become, along with the display gardens at Tranquil Lake Nursery in Rehoboth MA, the most spectacular garden (open to the public)in New England, imo. It is 1/2 hr. north
    of Stowe VT; about 1.5 hrs from charming Burlington VT, and about 4-4.5 hrs from boston.
    When I was thinking about creating our website,I saw Don and Lela's and found it just perfect. I asked if I could copy its main design elements and, being the open and good hearted people that they are, they said yes! What a relief for non-pc savvy me! Don is as amazing a photographer artist as he is a plant grower, and the hundreds of photos on the Cady's Falls website- are a continual inspiration and spiritual lift for me. There SERIOUSLY needs to be a large color book of his Cady's Falls photos.


  13. cwheat000 09/01/2012

    Thank you for sharing. I will visit. My brother has property about 35 miles from there. Beautiful website. Wow.

  14. terieLR 09/01/2012

    Okay, this is the 3rd time today that I have revisited the pictures, website (awestruck) and read your comments. We now have a trip planned to include Cady's Falls & Tranquil Lake Nursery. (thanks arboretum) Having recently removed some trees in our yard/gardens I'm looking for new ideas. Thanks tractor1 for putting the plug in for conifers. It motivates me to look at our spaces a bit differently.

  15. greenthumblonde 09/02/2012

    I have to go here! As I see so many small local nurseries go out of business around me, it's great to see one so spectacular thriving. It's the kind of nursery that inspires a next generation of gardeners. Wow.

  16. sumhillgardener 09/03/2012

    This nursery/garden is absolutely beautiful. I love every photo on the web site and can't wait to visit, since our Grandchildren live in Burlington !!! Thank you for including these amazing gardeners on the blog !

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