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Richard Roth of New York City is sharing images today of a garden he and his wife had to leave behind.

Gardens are like life. Change is the one constant, and the transitory nature of the beauty of living things is always a challenge to those who would capture for all time the beauty of a specific day or moment. We are fortunate if we are able to experience those moments in our lives. With the reluctant acquiescence of my self-effacing gardener wife, I offer some photographs of the most wonderful garden that she created in the East Hampton, New York, hamlet of Amagansett. The product of 26 years of effort—ably assisted by Ben Soledad, our gardener—this piece of ground was attended to lavishly by a person who taught herself the Latin names of every flower she placed. Her love for it was evident to every person fortunate to immerse themselves in the beauty of this special place. The vagaries of life, and COVID-19, led late last year to the sale of this property that meant so much to us, but especially to her, as the emotional attachment to her creation was profound.

I share these pictures with you to honor her effort and allow others to see just what a beautiful place it is.

dayliliesA pretty incredible sweep of cream-colored daylilies (Hemerocallis hybrid, Zones 4–9) makes an over-the-top display.

Roses, foxgloves, and ornamental onions.This planting looks like something straight out of a classic English garden, with roses (Rosa hybrids, Zones 5–9), foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea, Zones 4–9), and ornamental onions (Allium sp., Zones 3–9).

blooming perennials and shrubsA grass path weaves its way through masses of blooming perennials and shrubs.

pink mallowsRomantic pink mallows (Malva, Zones 4–9) bloom en masse.

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  1. Jay_Sifford 11/17/2021

    What a beautiful garden, and a bittersweet story. I will be doing the same with regard to my Charlotte garden next year, most likely. But what a romantic stroll garden she created. I'm not big on turf, but do enjoy it when it's used to create pathways like she has done.
    Enjoy the new chapter of your life!

  2. garden1953 11/17/2021

    Wow! Beautiful garden, thanks for sharing.

  3. User avater
    vanhatalosuomi 11/17/2021

    Lovely garden and wonderful photos. Thank you for honoring us all with a chance to view your wife's creation & hard-work.

  4. nwphilagardener 11/17/2021

    What a tease! I bet there are lots more photos of this garden we would enjoy. I wonder which cultivar of ivory daylily put on that show. It is a grand garden, indeed.

  5. gardendevas 11/17/2021

    Magnificent! Thank you for sharing your story and photos. I can imagine the difficulty of leaving such beautiful creation. Her vision and love show. This garden so deserves to be savored - would love to see more photos of it.

  6. Maggieat11 11/17/2021

    Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing your photos and story with us. Best wishes to you both.🍃

  7. wittyone 11/17/2021

    This is totally gorgeous. Thanks for giving us a peek. I know it must be sad to have to leave it behind but I hope your wife has at least a little bit of earth to begin again on in your new situation.

  8. cheryl_c 11/17/2021

    Such a beautiful garden, and such a poignant story, as none of us knows how long we will be able to enjoy the stewardship of our present place of beauty. I hope seeing these pictures on this page and hearing how much we all admire her work, your wife will find a measure of peace with her loss.

  9. User avater
    treasuresmom 11/17/2021

    Oh, my. How very, very lovely!

  10. User avater
    simplesue 11/17/2021

    Such a well written introduction to your wife's garden, I actually read every word with care.
    I feel emotional just looking at her gorgeous garden knowing just how it feels, having left my own garden of 28 years was hard.
    Her garden is magical- I fell instantly in love with it.

  11. pattyspencer 11/17/2021

    Really really really beautiful!

  12. sheila_schultz 11/17/2021

    Saying goodbye to a garden that has become part of our soul after many years of designing and enhancing is always painful. But the memories of the joy when creating beauty lasts with us forever. Your gardens were truly beautiful.

  13. bdowen 11/17/2021

    What a beautiful creation! The thought of leaving it brings tears to my eyes but I hope there will be a new garden in your lives.

  14. btucker9675 11/17/2021

    Be still my heart... what an absolutely perfect garden she created with her gardener. I, too, know the heartbreak of having to leave a much loved garden and hope she will be able to have at least a small garden now. Thank you for sharing your story and these wonderful photos.

  15. puyalluppansy 11/17/2021

    Thank you for the lovely tribute to your wife and her garden. I know how she feels. I left my garden that I built from a mess of ivy and bark 10 inches thick to an acre of lush garden that was also a GARDEN OF THE DAY. I now have a very small garden to have some of my favorites. As I get older it has been a good thing.

  16. carolcowee 11/17/2021

    “Such a poignant story, as none of us knows how long we will be able to enjoy the stewardship of our present place of beauty.” Such true words. I lost my garden of 34 years in probably one hour…as a firenado consumed our home and garden…Now, 3 years later, I credit God…with my needed downsizing, I’m 83…and we are in a lovely home with a lovely garden that I can manage. Doubt I would have downsized on my own…So, enjoy each day…

  17. Catasetumkid 11/18/2021

    It isn't often I feel compelled to comment on the lovely gardens here, but your wife's garden touched me. So very very beautiful, and I'm sure she will miss it incredibly. Good luck on your next phase in life.

  18. carolineyoungwilliams 12/15/2021

    Thank you Richard for sharing your beautiful garden and your heart felt story. May your next journey consist of a garden that's more beautiful than you can imagine.

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