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The Clematis Queen of Cambridge

Today's photos are from Maryann Bastin, the Clematis Queen of Cambridge, Ontario! Can anyone help identify these plants?

"These clematis are blooming June 10th in our front gardens in Cambridge Ontario. The gardens are three years old now and we have a total of 23 clematis and are loving them! Unfortunately when we moved we stuck our favorite plants in the vegetable garden in the back and the labels were lost over winter by the heaving frost so other than Betty Corning and Multi Blue we don’t know the names. I love the garden picture of the day and get some great ideas from them, thanks!"

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Betty Corning clematis

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 06/12/2015

    You certainly have some real beauties, Maryann...and, even though you don't know all their names, you sure as heck know how to make them happy. They all look so healthy and vigorous and, enviably, floriferous. The second blue one looks like HF Young but, of course, it could be so many other different varieties. Is the dark pink one in the last picture growing up and through a bush? It looks spectacular.

  2. gloriakjorsvik 06/12/2015

    What do you feed your Clematis? They are just gorgeous. I have about 10 of them but they don't looks as healthy as yours. Can you give me some pointers please. My gardens are my serenity and peacefulness since my Divorce. Which I'm still in a state of shock about. He turned 60 years old and life just upset the apple cart of marriage. So be it I have the gardens to tend to and I want them to be showy as all get out. So reaching for ideas. I'm from Minnesota Zone 3 & 4. Thanks for your time...

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 06/12/2015

    I'm ignorant about clematis, but they are gorgeous. I'm crazy about the bloom power of your Heuchera in the last shot as well. Nice gardening!

  4. GrannyMay 06/12/2015

    Lovely clematis, Maryann! There are so many possibilities for what they might be. One of my single whites, named Miss Bateman, is quite similar to the one in your third photo.

  5. rarhode 06/12/2015

    They are beautiful!! Could the white one be Henryi?

  6. VikkiVA 06/12/2015

    Maryann your clematis are breathtaking! I wish I could help you identify them. I found a web site that might be able to help you. You can send her pictures by clicking on the "contact" link. Good luck Vikki in VA

  7. NCYarden 06/12/2015

    Woohoooo, what beautiful Clematis. Love it love it love it! I'm a bit mesmerized at the moment. As for names, the possibilities are quite infinite. However, the deep pink reddish one in the first and I assume the same in last picture could be Ernest Markham. The second photo first struck me as 'Evojihill 'Josephine (mine is a tough fight to recover, so this photo has me gushing). I agree with Rose that the third looks like Henryi, and again I agree the meander that the fourth is quite likely HF Young. Hope this helps, but either way you have a beautiful display nonetheless. Can't complain with the show. It's awesome.

  8. sheila_schultz 06/12/2015

    You definitely have the magic when it comes to clematis, Maryann... they're gorgeous! And I agree with Tim, your Heuchera must be on steroids...those flowers are fat and sassy!

  9. GrannyCC 06/12/2015

    Congratulations Maryann your clematis are gorgeous even without labels. Sorry I can't help with ID but would love to hear what your cultivation tips are as you obviously have the knack.

  10. wGardens 06/12/2015

    To the right of the Betty Corning clematis... I can't see detail enough to know what the white and purple flowers are... great display there as well! The Heuchera are also outstanding! More photos, please! Thanks for sharing!

  11. schatzi 06/12/2015

    Gorgeous! And what do you feed your Heucheras? Such magnificent flowers! Gloria, I agree that gardening is therapeutic and totally necessary to our well-being. I am glad you have this outlet. Persevere and enjoy.

  12. schatzi 06/12/2015

    P.S. to Gloria: " a good life is the best revenge."

  13. Clarkpark 06/12/2015

    Maryann, Beautiful photos! Your clematis are huge and healthy! Do you feed them? If so, what fertilizer? The tour of your lovely garden has motivated me to plant more clematis! Do you know varieties that do well in part shade??

  14. maryannborcherding 06/12/2015

    I just purchased Carmencita which states it does well in the shade. We will see. I have Ken Donson in a fairly shady area and it does well. I also agree that one may be Henri. Onlince identification is great.

  15. user-7007140 06/12/2015

    Beautiful clematis Maryann. I have only four but would love more. And the heuchera! I have never seen any as glorious as those in your garden.
    For heuchera lovers - I just bought a beautiful pale green named Pear Crisp. Check it out.

  16. darylsavage 06/13/2015

    Hi Maryann,
    For what it's worth the second one looks like 'Blue Light' to me. I had it for a few years,and it did not come back this year. The 3rd one which others think is 'Henryi' could also be 'Pope John Paul II' which also died last year. I don't know if you could recommend any viticella types among your collection, but I am on the hunt for some of those as they are supposed to be free from wilt. Thanks.

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 06/13/2015

      That darned "wilt" disease in clematis is quite a heartbreaker, isn't it? I am working on trying to be philosophical about it when it strikes... and console myself that that particular variety is not meant to be. Mother Nature is a relentless teacher.

  17. darylsavage 06/13/2015

    She sure is Meander. Have you ever used fungicides preventatively? I have heard to do that, but I usually do not. I am not as philosophical as you, when I see a whole vine ripe with flower buds suddenly droop and die I let out quite a rant of expletives!

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 06/13/2015

      Ha, Daryl, I only said said I was "working on being philosophical" ...not that I had mastered it. I definitely get bummed out when the dreaded wilt shows up and prevents buds from developing to their full potential. I've never been energetic or organized enough to be proactive with applying a fungicide. I just cut the dead vine part away and put it in a burn pile.

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