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The Beauty of a Winter Garden

I love Marlene Mullet's positive spin on snow, cold and winter.  Do you have snow yet this winter? Share your photos!

"Winter gardens can be very interesting, especially if you have snow covering untrimmed perennials and grasses. Here in Northern Ohio we usually get snow, some winters more than others, and also cold temperatures which can make a waterfall an interesting feature in the garden. Arbors, birdhouses, rocks, and other garden decor along with untrimmed vines and shrubs also look lovely with snow cover. Every year I try to come up with more ways to keep my winter gardens from looking dull and drab. It's another way to enjoy the garden all year!"

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  1. user-3565112 01/05/2016

    These are beautiful scenes but the frozen waterfall is outstanding. Is that fed by a spring ? Thank you for the photos & good luck, Joe

    1. marlenemullet 01/05/2016

      Joe, thanks for your nice comments! The waterfall is fed from runoff from the slope behind it. Marlene

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/05/2016

    Your absolutely right, Marlene, snow covered gardens can be especially interesting and have their own special beauty. Mature evergreen have a particular majesty when their boughs are wrapped in a blanket of glistening white. The weight of snow on branches can result in some fascinating or entertaining shapes that touch our imaginations...kind of like seeing images in clouds. In your final picture, the evergreen on the right looks like an old codger leaning in to hear the other one speak.

    1. marlenemullet 01/05/2016

      I agree,evergreens have so much to bring to the garden! I like your descriptions, I hadn't seen the old codger one:) Marlene

  3. User avater
    HelloFromMD 01/05/2016

    Hi Marlene, your garden looks beautiful covered in snow. So cool that you pay special attention to the winter garden! I wish I could say I get a beautiful covering of snow here in Maryland, but we don't get much and it doesn't stick around. I am thinking of adding some of the Cornus shrubs for their red stems, for example Cornus 'Midwinter Fire' or the shorter 'Arctic Fire'. Have you tried any and have a recommendation?

    1. marlenemullet 01/05/2016

      Thanks for your nice comments! Just this last summer I bought a few Red-twig Dogwood plants. They are not very big and not showy yet, but I think it would be a great choice for the winter garden, especially if you don't have much snow. Evergreens are my winter favorite because they add some color to an otherwise gray and brown landscape. Good luck! Marlene

    2. sheila_schultz 01/05/2016

      The orange-red color of Cornus 'Midwinter Fire' is gorgeous in the winter, but it is tall. I planted 2 about 8 years ago and I find that their color plays beautifully with the red stems of our neighbor's dogwoods, and they have been disease free. I haven't tried 'Arctic Fire' but is should be great when a shorter shrub is needed.

  4. Cenepk10 01/05/2016

    Yes.... I must concede- The snow cover is lovely. But ... I cant stand winter. I'm counting the nano seconds til Spring!

    1. marlenemullet 01/05/2016

      Spring is my favorite time of year too! I think I appreciate it more after a cold, snowy winter! But yes I usually have a bad case of spring fever by the time March rolls around!

    2. Susan_Jensen_Smith 01/05/2016

      75 days, I believe. :(

  5. Cenepk10 01/05/2016

    Marlene has that glass 1/2 full, I see :)

  6. VikkiVA 01/05/2016

    As I write this, we here in SE Virginia are getting a dusting of snow. Your landscape looks so lovely covered in a blanket of white. Vikki in VA

    1. marlenemullet 01/05/2016

      Thanks Vikki!

  7. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/05/2016

    Beautiful, Marlene! So far we're spending a week in Ohio. I think I know why: the moderator is biased! :)
    You really have a lot of great structure in your garden for winter interest. Are these photos from this year? We have barely gotten a snowflake or two, to the south in Columbus. You've given those of us in cold-winter climates (13° this morning!) one more reason to delay cutting things back in the garden until spring. Such great structure!

    1. marlenemullet 01/05/2016

      Tim, thanks for your nice comments! Most of these pictures are from last winter. We have only gotten a little snow so far this winter but temps were cold this morning at 3 degrees!

  8. user-4691082 01/05/2016

    No snow here in SE Pa, but has turned bitterly cold after 70 degrees on Christmas Eve. Marlene, your pictures are making me yearn for snow, as those deep blankets protect our plants. They also replenish our water supply. So, with that in mind, I try to appreciate all seasons! Ask me again in late February!?

  9. Luvfall 01/05/2016

    The snow is a blanket keeping all those perennials safe and warm. Santa always brings me a new gardening book - a recent favorite is 'The Layered Garden' by David Culp. Then I reread the previous year's Fine Gardening magazines before passing them on to a friend. Next thing I know the hellebores are blooming.

  10. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 01/05/2016

    Snow is so pretty....for about a month:) It's even prettier when it's at someone else's house. Your garden makes snow look much less evil than I remember and I like your attitude, Marlene. If it has to be there, then enjoy it.

  11. sheila_schultz 01/05/2016

    Gorgeous images Marlene, talk about a 4 season garden! The snow just seems to soften the look of everything... I kept expecting to see Bambi peeking his head through the branches of your beautifully blanketed evergreens!

    1. marlenemullet 01/06/2016


  12. Meelianthus 01/05/2016

    Ahh, the serene beauty of snow. It looks very light and fluffy - and cold! We don't get much snow here on the West side of the Cascade mountain range but when we do it is wet and heavy - hence the name 'Cascade Concrete'. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos Marlene

  13. GrannyMay 01/05/2016

    Beautiful, Marlene! Might as well enjoy it when you have it. You've done a wonderful job of providing structure for the snow to accumulate on.

    1. marlenemullet 01/06/2016

      Thank you:)

  14. foxglove12 01/09/2016

    So pretty.

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