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Test your gardening IQ

Take our quiz and test your gardening knowledge.
Take our quiz and test your gardening knowledge.

Can you pick out a native plant from a list or identify items that are okay to compost? Take our trivia quiz and put your garden knowledge to the test. We’ll be adding new questions regularly so check back regularly.

If you’d like to share feedback on the game or brag about your score, post a comment below. To suggest a new question for our quiz, send your e-mails to [email protected]. Be sure to write “quiz question” in the subject line.


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  1. Svenie 04/16/2009

    Well I got 12 right, I dont really see anyone beating that score any time soon.

  2. Cyberwife 04/22/2009

    Sorry Svenie...I got a 17!

  3. CarmelGal 04/23/2009

    I live in CA & morning glories are a perennial here. Only got 11 right -- would have been 12 if I'd gotten morning glory right. :(

  4. codini 04/23/2009

    mmm, I got 17 too...although obviously some plants are perennials somewhere always!

  5. FlowerGardener 04/23/2009

    Fun! I got 17 as well ... those latin names will be my undoing, and with >1,000 hosta cultivars, there are more names than is possible to remember.

  6. kacey 04/24/2009

    With gardeners from all types of areas taking this quiz, it might be useful to flash on the screen WHY an incorrect answer was not judged correct. In our California heavy clay soil, the addition of sand is not recommended, as it merely makes the clay bind together like the gravel does in concrete. Also, a spring pruning of some hydrangeas will eliminate flowering for that cycle, as pointed out in one of your own articles. I knew what you intended for the correct answers; but, some choices listed were misleading to gardeners in places other than the Northeast.

  7. mares13 04/26/2009

    I'm a relative newby, and got 12 right! I am very proud of that! Also, most of the ones that I got wrong were partially right, ie picking one when the correct answer was "all of the above", so I am taking my 12 and running with it!

  8. idylmarsh 05/01/2009

    I got 19 right, but I can't let it go. What was different about the petunia? I agree they should explain the correct answer, that's how we learn. It happens that I have the 3 Hosta s listed so it was the process of elimination.

  9. user-7006867 02/07/2011

    loads of fun...whens the next one coming? I like the plant ID quiz at the end, it shows each question and the right answer and explains it. The couple I got wrong was because I didn't follow my first instinct and was looking for a trick question. no tricks. don't overthink it.

  10. laeliaralph 11/24/2023

    It's a fun opportunity to test your gardening IQ and learn more about this green hobby by taking iq test free. It's great that they offer a variety of questions, including identifying native plants and composting items.

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