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Tammy’s garden in South Dakota

Today's photos are from Tammy Williams in South Dakota, who says, "These are a few photos from the last couple of years of my containers and the wildflowers growing on a hillside in our yard. We live in the Black Hills of South Dakota in a fairly arid climate, so sometimes gardening is a challenge. What with the extremely rocky hill we live on and the shade, a good part of my gardening is done in containers near the house. I do have a wildflower garden that is a constant work in progress. It's always fun to see which flowers come up and do well from year to year. I have been gardening since I was a young girl and watched my grandma with her flowers and gardens and asked my Dad to make a garden spot in our yard. I remember when I was a teenager I had beautiful tuberous begonias growing in a planter that my dad had made at the front of our house. I was so unhappy when one night someone came and stole all of my beautiful flowers! I keep pots of geraniums, ivy, wax begonias, and asparagus ferns in our garage over the winter, and get my "gardening fix" throughout the winter deadheading and trimming." I must confess, Tammy, that I know nothing of your climate, but you do make it look easy to garden there! That huge swath of shooting stars (Dodecatheon meadia) is spectacular!!

You guys are starting to send stuff in, and it's FUN! I love opening my inbox each morning. Keep going!! Send in some photos! Email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

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  1. perenniallycrazy 04/10/2015

    I'm crazy about your natural garden Tammy! That meadow of established dodecatheons is so heartwarming. Are those a native plant in your area? It certainly looks like it.

    Thanks for bringing a smile in my heart today - your vibrant color palette has done it.

    1. user-7007497 04/10/2015

      Yes, the shooting stars are native in our area as are several other wildflowers. I love walking the hills behind our house looking for them in the spring. Our back yard is surrounded by native plums and chokecherries, too, which make wonderful bird habitat. The smell is heavenly when they are in bloom!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/10/2015

    Lots of fun and happy gardening going on out in your Black Hills property, surprise, since your gardening instincts have been going strong since your childhood. That's a beautiful clematis (?) display circling the birdhouse...I'd be just so tickled if that were part of my daily view!

  3. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/10/2015

    You live in beautiful country, Tammy, and you've really made the best of it. Shooting stars are a favorite of mine since childhood; funny that I've never tried to grow them. I feel the heartbeak of your tuberous begonia theft. They are such magical flowers; over-the-top, flamboyant extravangance that can definitely get a young person interested in plants. Nice that you've keep at it since that early trauma! ;)

  4. user-4691082 04/10/2015

    I think that's a 'jackmanii' clematis, if I'm not mistaken. Tammy, you have done a wonderful job! You make it look easy there. Keep on keeping on! I love your horse sculpture. That would look out of place in my development setting, so I'm jealous!

  5. NCYarden 04/10/2015

    Tammy, your garden is awesome despite the tough conditions you describe. Love the clematis on the bluebird house. What a great way to decorate a "home" - I'm sure the winged residents thank you for making their nest the envy of the acres. I also really like the natural setting of your garden...seems like lots of privacy. Thanks for sharing.

  6. greengenes 04/10/2015

    Hi Tammy.! So glad you sent these in for us to see! The colors in the first picture is so warm and shocking! Love it! You have quite a challenge up there in South Dakota and it looks like you are doing a great job! The little wooded meadow is so pretty. You could almost picture a couple of deer standing around. Have a wonderful gardening season!

  7. GrannyMay 04/10/2015

    Tammy, you have just proven that when other plants don't suit your conditions, you can still have a lovely garden with local wildflowers. They grow happily where nature has provided what they need. Still, your meadow of shooting stars surprised me, because we have them growing here as well. I didn't know that southern Vancouver Island would have similar conditions to South Dakota. Do you have Erythroniums and Camas as well?

    1. user-7007497 04/10/2015

      I'm unaware of Erythroniums and Camissia in my area, but they may grow in other areas of the hills. We have a spot a couple of miles from our house called "Botany Canyon". There are plants growing in this special eco system that don't grown anywhere else in the Black Hills. And yes, the deer frequent this area. I like to go searching for pasque flowers (our state flower) but they are hard to find around here because the deer like them too!

      1. GrannyMay 04/11/2015

        Pasque flowers are lovely! I have seen them growing in some of the local public gardens and have been tempted many times to try them myself. If the deer like them, I'd better not try!

  8. Cenepk10 04/10/2015

    Very pretty indeed !!!

  9. sheila_schultz 04/10/2015

    Tammy, you must be so thrilled that Spring is finally here... your hillside must be starting to come alive with color. There's nothing like native plants to grow where nothing else will! I would also guess you already have plans for your containers, do send more photos!

  10. GrannyCC 04/10/2015

    Tammy your beautiful garden is certainly adapted to your arid conditions. How wonderful to have all those native plants and wildflowers to enhance your property. I love gardening in pots as it gives you such a scope to work with and if the deer eat them it is easy to replace the plants.

  11. schatzi 04/10/2015

    The planter in the first picture is so bright and pretty! Don't you just love Calibrachoa? The doubles are pretty too, when you can find them. I am so jealous of that hillside of shooting stars! Gorgeous! You are doing a great job in a difficult climate and a beautiful setting. Sorry about the tuberous begonias - I love them too and that would have broken my heart too. I hope you are still growing them. Cheers.

  12. janeeliz 04/10/2015

    Love that HOT combination in your 1st planter, Tammy! The mass of shooting stars is breath-taking as is your beautiful purple clematis. I can almost smell the sweet scent of the white blossoms on your tree(s). You are doing a great job creating a very lovely garden!

  13. user-7007327 04/10/2015

    Your color combinations are wonderful and the clematis jumps right out. Love wildflowers, all sizes.

  14. marthaollis 04/11/2015


  15. davsav 04/11/2015

    Tammy, I'm your neighbor to the north (ND) and love your garden. I now live in Maryland but I especially the love the wildflower garden which I'm working on here on the east coast too. Your colors are so vibrant and crisp but I also think that the Dakota sky does something to the color of flowers that I can't explain. Thanks for sending your pictures. Please send more.

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