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Take a Break and Play the Container Craze Contest

Do you love container gardening? Do you like getting creative with plants? Do you need to sneak in a little downtime from work? Check out Container Craze Contest on! Creating container gardens has never been this fast, easy or erasable.

First you choose your background, then you go for the containers. Choose a plant as the main focus in the section called “thrillers”, then choose some colorful trailing plants in the “spillers” section. The last plant selection is in “fillers” where you can put the final touches in your container.

There’s also a place to gather some decorations for your scene such as a gnome, butterfly, gazing ball, birdfeeder – even a puppy. And if you’re willing to do just a little sleuthing, you can find some clues and to gather bonus items to complete your garden.

What I did was choose my favorite scenic background. Then I chose a container that seemed natural to the setting. I looked at all of the plants and flowers before I chose what type of feeling I wanted to be there – or message I wanted to send (yes, I really am controlling like that).

Naming and describing my container garden it just pulled it all together for me. Now that I have the hang of it, I’m going to go back and create more garden containers with different backgrounds. Be sure to take a sneak peek at everyone else’s containers first.

Here’s the bonus: When you save your scene to the gallery you’re automatically entered in Osmocote’s Container Craze contest to win the ultimate downtime – a $6,000 spa vacation! Yup, one lucky container gardener will win a stay for two at the award-winning Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin Texas!

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