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Starting a Garden – Step 1

I am currently converting a section of my back yard to a new garden area.

I am currently converting a section of my back yard to a new garden area. I thought to myself, “Self…this is a great time to go through the steps I have taken to realize a new garden – from planning to preparation to execution.”

For many of you, this will be a refresher, and there are certainly plenty of sources in print and online on the subject.

That said, I will compose this series of steps as more of an undated diary that happens to educate as well. Onward my dirty-nailed friends…

When planning where I wanted to put my soon-to-be garden, I immediately thought of two things – sunlight and water. The location had to be reasonably close to a water supply, but more importantly had to have a “full day’s supply” of sunlight. We’re talking most of a day here.

So there it went, right in the middle of the yard. I hope to convert most of my lawn to gardens in the back yard. My future inspiration of course – Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid.

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Rather than using chemicals to kill the turf, I went with a slower, greener, and more effective solution – chocking the light by covering the area with a vinyl tarp. The tarp is held in place with rocks and old iron barbell plates.

For those who want to have a garden but aren’t in a hurry, I feel this is the way to go. Now is the perfect time to do this! Especially if you live up north and your growing season is already over for the year.

I’ll give the grass a few weeks (or more) to die off. Then it’s off to Step 2, preparing the soil area that will surround the raised bed(s). Stay tuned.

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