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South: March Garden To-Do List

Cut back your ornamental grasses to just above the crown. Photo: Steve Aitken.

Adjust to the cold. Don’t forget to harden off any transplants (slowly subject them to garden conditions) to reduce stress once placed in the ground.

Care for your grasses. Cut back ornamental grasses to just above their growing crown. Divide any thick and overgrown clumps, and fertilize established grasses as soon as new growth appears.

Evaluate your vegetable garden plans. Often a smaller garden with fewer weeds and insects will give you more produce and be more enjoyable to tend.

Feed pansies. If your nighttime temperatures are consistently above 40°F, feed your pansies (Viola x wittrockiana cv., annual) with a water-soluble fertilizer. Look for a balanced 20-­20­-20 or 10-10-10 formulation.

Fertilize your pansies. Photo: Steve Aitken

Andy Pulte is a faculty member in the Plant Sciences department at the University of Tennessee.

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