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Snapshots from the gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Good morning GPODers! I apologize profusely for the lack of posts for the last couple of days. It proved harder trhan I thought to get computer work done while at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, and then it took two days to get home due to various snow storms (we can't keep track of them here on the east coast anymore…), but now we're back, and I'm just starting to process everything. I'm sharing just a few snapshots today of the wonderful gardens displayed at the show. But while these photos are fun, I happen to know that Cherry Ong (PerenniallyCrazy) has a TON of great shots. Hey Cherry, care to share some in the comments….? We would love to get a more in-depth look at some of your favorites! In the meantime, have fun perusing these while I get us back on track tomorrow with some of your gardens, which is what we're all about. Thanks to everyone I got to meet at the show last week–it was a sincere pleasure! I can't wait to do it again!

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  1. Nurserynotnordstroms 02/17/2015

    Nice shots Michelle,I love looking at the photos from so many different blogs and seeing how each person perceives the angle they want to shoot. Fun day. We are having some really weird weather here unrealisticly warm,I have gardened yesterday and today,lots and lots of ferns to cut back. Sorry all of you an the East Coast are having such a really difficult time,You have constantly been on my mind and I am thinking of each and everyone of you,and hope soon that your Spring arrives. (What have we done to our planet)

    1. sheila_schultz 02/17/2015

      We've had way too many 70's lately, so when I came home from Seattle, my columbine was growing and the tulips and crocus were 3"- 6" tall! Thank goodness we got 5" of snow yesterday to remind the plants it's only Feb.! What a weird winter indeed!

      1. Nurserynotnordstroms 02/18/2015

        We are having some very crazy weather we will be breaking another record today for heat in the Seattle area. I think I can see my plants growing by the minute. I wish I wouldn't have been so tired at our meet up I didn't even get to talk to you,hope we can chat sometime in the future. Fun day though.

        1. sheila_schultz 02/18/2015

          I was thinking the same thing about not getting to chat... next time we'll make sure it happens!

  2. perenniallycrazy 02/17/2015

    Great shots of the show Michelle. Glad to know you returned home safe and sound. Hope you were able to still celebrate Valentine's with the family.

    I, too, am feeling sorry for all the difficult weather you've all been having in the East Coast. Hope spring arrives the soonest.

    I am happy to share photos of my visit but wanted you all to know that I was at the show for a day only ("THE" day to see Michelle's talk and to meet the GPODers). I tried to take as many photos as I possibly could so I apologize if I missed anything. I'm hoping all the other GPODers can fill in what I've missed.

    First link is to all the GARDEN CREATIONS:

    Second link is to all the CITY DWELLING DISPLAYS:

    Please enjoy and feel free to leave your comments. Thank you.

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 02/17/2015

      So great, Cherry, to have all these pictures available and I think I will have the slideshow running continuously throughout the day. It will be my "happy place" to go when I don't want to gaze out the window at the white stuff. You did a positively heroic job in capturing so many of the displays in all different angles to share with us. Thanks!

      1. perenniallycrazy 02/17/2015

        Glad the pictures brighten your day. Please stay safe and warm. Can't wait to see your garden projects already.

    2. sheila_schultz 02/17/2015

      Cherry, your photos are always outstanding, you have a wonderful eye... I really did think you were a professional photographer ;)

      1. perenniallycrazy 02/17/2015

        All thanks to my hubby, really.

        1. sheila_schultz 02/18/2015

          Cherry, your husband is a delight as is your 'more than patient' son! BUT, as good as your honey is at photography... you have been an outstanding student and have taken your skills and eye to your own level!

          1. sheila_schultz 02/18/2015

            Please, please, please can we make Cherry the GPOD's official Cheerleader??? What do you think everyone???

    3. Meelianthus 02/17/2015

      Thanks so much Cherry. I feel like I got to attend the show all over again! What a great treat - and great photos.

      1. perenniallycrazy 02/17/2015

        Thanks meelianthus. Hope you are feeling better these days and that we meet again soon.

    4. greengenes 02/17/2015

      Oh thank you so much Cherry! You are a wonderful photographer and I so appreciate all the beautiful shots! Iam sure everyone does. It was so nice to finally meet you in person and I enjoyed every minuet of our time together. Just wish it was a little longer! Maybe next year!

      1. perenniallycrazy 02/17/2015

        Thank you Jeanne. Happy to share!

        Same here. Let's start planning for next year's meet already then.

  3. user-1020932 02/17/2015

    with this post , the meet up post and all of Cherry's great photos i feel as if i have been to the show. glad to see them all and thankful for Cherry's albums in the links, lots to see and lots of ideas for 2015 and beyond. i am going to add one photo that i stumbled on and really liked the creativity using succulents as an arrangement. it's not an outdoor garden shot but i thought it was oh so cool. Mari Malcolm of Lusher Life created it .

    1. lynn_felici_gallant 02/17/2015

      I loved this arrangement, too, Jeff. It was super clever and there's nothing like a sense of humor during a competition. Thanks for adding it to Michelle's mix.

      1. user-1020932 02/17/2015

        Lynn, in talking with her online, this slice received LOTS more attention than her giant 4 ft floral cake behind it

    2. User avater
      Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 02/17/2015

      That is some piece of cake! Very cool.

    3. sheila_schultz 02/17/2015

      Hey Jeff... count up 7 shots from the bottom and you will see one of the corten pots I was talking about. The entire perimeter of the display was lined with assorted sizes and shapes of these pots. They obviously look like corten, but when I touched one and tapped it, it definitely felt like fiberglass. I never really knew that corten steel pots were so thin! These were fabulous.

    4. user-7007140 02/17/2015

      That is clever. So much imagination

  4. Srasgarden 02/17/2015

    Thank you , thank you , thank you for these shots - especially because it is yet another snowy morning in the Northeast. They are gorgeous! Looking forward to the Federated Flower Show in Hartford, Ct. this weekend. We need these glimpses of spring!

  5. lynn_felici_gallant 02/17/2015

    Great shots as always, Michelle! I loved that you started with the pollinator display, as that was my favorite of all the pics I've seen. The other displays are gorgeous, of course, but like the gluten-free "cake" in the floral competition, it's nice to see something truly unique.

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/17/2015

    Wonderful pictures, Michelle and between you and Cherry, I almost feel like I was there myself. And, for those of you who did attend in person, I have a question (asked with a smile) there really only one of Cherry or has she unlocked the secret of human cloning?

    We are ice/snow locked in my part of TN and I already see that there is going to be broken branch clean up when the thaw comes. I will keep revisiting these and Cherry's pictures and pretend spring is already here.

    1. sheila_schultz 02/17/2015

      Michaele, I've been wondering the same thing to tell you the truth. I'm also thinking she might be able to time travel, or she has a magic potion that allows her to travel faster than the speed of light? She's definitely Super Woman in my book!

    2. Meelianthus 02/17/2015

      So sorry for your deep freeze Meander. I sure hope you won't lose any of your beloved plantings. Mother Nature can be so mean at times! Glad you have the 'Spring' at the NWFG to enjoy.

  7. JourneyOn 02/17/2015

    Love the pictures - just in time for Spring garden planning ! Wondered if you have any contact information for the large metal sculpture sitting on the rock ? Thinking it would be perfect at the top of a tiered water feature we have. Thanks for the great pictures and any assistance on the art piece. Stay warm !

    1. perenniallycrazy 02/17/2015

      Hi Kay, The name of the display is "The Root of True Romance: Beautiful Chaos...Love, Art, Nature" Garden Creator is Elandan Gardens Ltd. Designed by Dan, Diane & Will Robinson. Their e-mail [email protected]. Happy shopping!

      1. sheila_schultz 02/17/2015

        Cherry, you are the best. You not only capture the beauty, you also get all the details!

        1. perenniallycrazy 02/17/2015

          Thank you Sheila. Really really hope we meet again!

          1. sheila_schultz 02/18/2015

            We will, my friend.

      2. JourneyOn 02/18/2015

        Thank you so much for the prompt response - I'm on it !

        1. perenniallycrazy 02/18/2015

          Can't wait to see your garden Kay.

    2. user-7007140 02/19/2015

      Is that metal? I love it too, but thought it may be Granite. Loved all the gardens but that one is my favorite. Not that I can vote!

  8. Jay_Sifford 02/17/2015

    Thanks for posting these. This week I'm hard at work installing my garden at the Southern Spring Home and Garden Show here in Charlotte. It's exhausting but, in the end, satisfying and hopefully somewhat lucrative. I'm doing a contemporary courtyard garden with stainless steel planks inlaid into charcoal gray pavers, a trio of three shades of bright plum, a large stainless water feature with a stainless cube holding sculpture, Okame cherries and lots of great foliage plus plum tulips. We had an ice storm here last night and can't get there today, but we're on schedule to be finished on time.

    I enjoy seeing gardens from other shows. It's interesting to see regional differences as well as the range of aesthetics. Show me more!!!

    1. digginWA 02/17/2015

      Photos required!!

      1. perenniallycrazy 02/18/2015

        I second that!

    2. sheila_schultz 02/17/2015

      I can't wait to see the finished product Jay, so far it looks very enticing ;) I definitely need to see more!

    3. Meelianthus 02/17/2015

      Hope you will share some photos of all your creativity Jay. Looking forward to seeing your garden. It surely is so much work setting up those displays!

  9. annek 02/17/2015

    Glad you're home, Michelle, and thanks for the amazing photos of the show. What a grand time we had viewing the displays, listening to the presentations (yours was so well done), buying a bit (maybe a lot) from the marketplace vendors, and - best of all - meeting all the lovely and passionate attending GPOD-ers. It was like a reunion, meeting people I knew so well...for the first time!

    1. sheila_schultz 02/17/2015

      I second your every word Kielian... it was a perfect few days on so many levels!
      Luckily the skycap didn't pay any attention that my suitcase was a tiche over 50 lbs. ;)

      1. greengenes 02/17/2015

        You probably put some straps on a corten pot and passed thru the line at the airport! Ha Ha... but yes! Wernt those nice! I love the look of the corten use. Ive been researching it a little bit and would like to get some panels of it and have some designs cut out of them. Chaching though. Not sure when that would happen.

        1. sheila_schultz 02/18/2015

          Jeanne, I have been lusting after corten pots for years. One of these years I'm going to get one??? (Dang, I left my straps at home this trip ;)
          FYI, corten steel 'bleeds' until it is weathered, so it is suggested that it is set on the grass for the winter or a few months before it is placed on a patio or deck.

    2. greengenes 02/17/2015

      It was a lot of fun meeting you Kielian! I cant wait to see your gardens! Did you go back home to snow? Its another 64 degree day today and everything is budding out. Even the grass needs to be mowed! I hope you find those pumpkin seeds from "Terrior" seeds. They are called "Lady Godiva" which fits it quite well! Take care and hope to see you soon!

      1. annek 02/18/2015

        Thanks for the update, Jeanne. It was a joy to meet you and revisit your gorgeous gardens at the show. We have actually been boasting 50 degree weather here, with no snow. I'm so worried about all the budding trees and flowers, but I suppose I better just let Mother Nature deal with this dilemma! Enjoy that sunshine!

  10. GrannyMay 02/17/2015

    Thanks Michelle! Your photos were worth waiting for and the smiling group shots from the first day kept the door open for more photos from Glenda and Cherry (thank you both!). There was no doubt that your presentation and the meet-up afterwards were a success! It was almost as good as being there. I'll be there next year, for sure!

  11. GrannyCC 02/17/2015

    Thank you to all for those amazing photos. It made me feel that I was there. it looked so interesting and so many ideas. Those designers sure know how to create beautiful spaces and they work with talented growers.

  12. sheila_schultz 02/17/2015

    Great shots as usual, Michelle! Each display garden had at least some bit of interest for every taste. The pollinator displays reminded Laurel and I that we said we were going to make one last year, the blue light 'vine balls' are a fun look and such an easy DIY project, the corten steel pots and that gorgeous gate... beautiful details, many of which we can make our own. Inspiration definitely abounds at these shows.

  13. schatzi 02/17/2015

    Oh my! I'm back at the show and loving it! Cherry, I don't know if you have discovered the secret of cloning, but you ARE the Energizer Bunny! Great photos and so many! I loved chatting with you after the show. It was great to meet so many GPOD friends in person. Jeff, the piece of cake is amazing. If you want more inspiration for what can be done with succulents, Google Linda Estrin Design. Fabulous! I grew up in the northeast in New York State, so I remember the winters there. Sorry so many of you are getting buried repeatedly - it does get old, especially when you have to get to work and get kids to school, etc. We are having unseasonably warm weather, even for here, altho with that big wet ocean out there we can never be sure what we will have for weather. If you don't like the weather, wait a minute! I planted dahlias and lilies last weekend and hope they don't rot. They won't freeze, but they may drown. Probably should get peas and spinach planted soon. Jay, you know you have to supply photos of your creation after whetting our curiosity! Cherry, I loved those turned wood containers - gorgeous! And all the water features and flowers and the moon and owls and... But most of all I loved meeting all of you and look forward to doing it again.

    1. sheila_schultz 02/18/2015

      Shirley, it was so lovely to finally meet with you at our reunion!!! You are a gift to all of us GPOD'rs! Think we can entice more of our friends to come to Seattle???

  14. user-7007382 02/17/2015

    This looked like a great show. I wish it wasn't so far away. Spring isn't to far away!

  15. user-7007327 02/17/2015

    I have dibs on the hammock. Thank you for these electrifying photos.

  16. greengenes 02/17/2015

    These are great shots, Michelle. Thanks for all you do for us and thankyou for that wonderful presentation of our gardens! Standing ovation in my heart to you! Iam so glad you got home okay but it must of been trying times. Iam glad you got a break in the weather by coming here. It would be so fun to meet again and next time iam getting a room and staying longer! Thanks!

  17. schatzi 02/18/2015

    Thank you for the kind words, Sheila. It would be wonderful if more of our friends could afford the time and money for the trip. I sympathize with all of you who are getting buried in snow time after time. Our weather is lovely right now but we may yet pay for it. The mountain snowpack supplies our summer water and right now it is disappearing. We need a cold snap and more snow before spring really sets in. And it does happen some years. Our weather can really be chaotic. Time will tell. But memories of the show and all of you keep me happy. Thanks again Michelle for all you do. Glad you finally made it home safely.

  18. colleenmonroemeyer 02/18/2015

    Thank you Cherry and Michelle for sharing!

  19. user-7007140 02/19/2015

    Thank you everyone for taking photographs, sharing impressions and for making us stay at homes feel a part of it all. What a great bunch of people you all are - and Michelle made it all happen, every part of it. Wonderful!

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