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Seeds of Change: 100% Certified Organic

Seeds of Change, a New Mexico seed company, offers a big selection of heirloom seeds for both the home gardener and the market gardener.


If you can grow it and eat it, I want it. That puts seed shopping at the top of my list, and there’s nothing I like better than getting seed catalogs in the mail. To others it may sound odd, but for anyone else with a serious edible plant obsession you understand what I mean when I say that seed catalogs make me drool. And no one achieves this reaction better than Seeds of Change.

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Seeds of Change has everything I’m looking for in a seed catalog. It starts with quantity (of both seeds and info). Sometimes I just want a few seeds, but sometimes I have a favorite that I want to buy a ton of and share with my friends and family. This year, Seeds of Change has combined their catalogs for home growers and market growers into one, so you can buy small or buy big depending on your needs. Plus, they provide the same great growing information in “Agronomics” boxes. Before I even attempt a new seed, I can review its growing conditions, how to plant it, when and how to harvest and store it, plus what diseases and pests it’s most susceptible to. This works out great for me and my top not-so-secret reason for loving the Seeds of Change catalog: the cool and crazy seeds and plants.

I won’t deny that I’ll often buy a new veggie based on its name and/or looks. Last year was my year for adoring the funky ‘Green Sausage’ and ‘Green Zebra’ tomatoes. This year, I took one look at the Seeds of Change catalog and decided on the ‘Jacobs Cattle’ bean variety, colored like a crazy brown and white cow. Plus, I can never pass up the hot pepper section. And before I close up shop, I pick my last selections from the herb section. ‘Super Sweet Chen’ basil? Yep, I’ve got to have that. And at this point, I haven’t even made it to the annuals and perennials section. Did I mention how much I love Seeds of Change?

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