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Scenes from a 33 Year Old Michigan Garden

By Kim Charles

The above picture depicts our beautiful firs.

Linda Renslear has a great eye for repurposing in Michigan


"We live on three acres in Holly, Michigan, and have been here for 33 years now. We have grown many trees, shrubs, perennials and veggies . This time of year we point out the 60 foot Frasier Firs that we planted to cut for Christmas trees…they were just too pretty to cut. Some parts of our home were originally built in 1820, with great views from each window. There is a creek across the road to the south. To the north, there are ponds on both the north and west facing sides. These ponds belong to the neighbors, so we get the views without paying the taxes. I love reusing items. The globes on the tree with the snow sitting on them are from the swag lamps of the 60’s. They have been hanging outdoors year round for twenty years now".


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Here is a photo of the satellite dish we turned into a pergola over the fire pit.

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  1. frankgreenhalgh 12/30/2016

    Hi Linda - Wow, sounds like you live in paradise! Good decision not to chop those Firs and nice use of the satellite dish. Looks like your birds appreciate the feeder area - must be a tough life for them in winter. I would love to see some pics. of the parts of your house built in 1820. How lucky are you to live in a house of historical significance! Thanks for sharing. Have a great new year, Linda and all GPODers. Cheers from Australia

  2. user-7007960 12/30/2016

    A most beautiful post! Your images of winter wonderland are out of this World! I will save pics and get inspiration for water coloring..... Thank you for sharing this poignant beauty. I, too, would love to see more home views. You are fortunate to have the joy and peace which surrounds you. More Peace and happiness in the New Year to you and yours.

  3. user-7007960 12/30/2016

    P. S. From Carol...... I Love the Harry Lauder Waking Stick bling also!!!

  4. user-3565112 12/30/2016

    Thank you for the winter scene pictures. The splashes of color ( particularly the cardinals & the light in the window) are just enough to make beautiful pictures. I also like the dish roof for the gazebo.
    Thank you & good luck this winter, Joe

  5. tennisluv 12/30/2016

    Linda, love your snowy pictures (although being a southern girl, they did make me shiver) and as others said, the Harry Lauder bejeweled with ice and bling is fabulous. The red cardinals against the red snow is a great juxtaposition of color. You have a great eye for taking pictures and re-purposing items that most of us would just throw away. Would love to see more of your landscape and home with seasonal changes.

  6. user-7007498 12/30/2016

    Beautiful winter landscape, Linda. My favorite picture is the one with the cardinals. The small pop of color against the winter landscape is awesome, especially with the textural seed heads of the sedum and clethra in the foreground.

    Happy New Year to everyone at GPOD.

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 12/30/2016

    Hi, Linda, it's obvious that you love your property and your property with its birds and bling loves you. It's almost priceless to have those majestic firs standing so tall and handsome in their suits of snow. I'm sure the multitude of birds appreciate the protection they offer. I think you get to wear the crown as queen of repurposing with your use of the satellite dish...very ingenious...and impressive!

  8. ijz 12/30/2016

    Your snowmen greeters put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland.

  9. User avater
    treasuresmom 12/30/2016

    Snow is very rare where I live so it is a delight to see! Everything is so pretty.

  10. Cenepk10 12/30/2016

    Very cool post !!! Cant wait to see the Spring shots ...

  11. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 12/30/2016

    You are a master of repurposing and upcycling. Everything looks magical in the snow. What a treat to own such a great property and to have watched trees you have planted grow into great specimens.

  12. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 12/30/2016

    Linda, your winter wonderland looks magical and I love all of your repurposing. I'm going to show our neighbor the satellite dish pergola in the hopes:) Love the photo of the Cardinals, my mum's favorite and one that we don't have here in the PNW. Your garden looks like such a peaceful place. Thanks for sharing it and Happy New Year.

  13. schatzi 12/30/2016

    Love the use of the satellite dish. Love the cardinals and trees. Beautiful. I planted 8 Nordman firs about 10 years ago and I can't cut them either. Altho every December I worry a little about other people...

  14. Sunshine111 12/30/2016

    So lovely!!! I love the repurposing of things!

  15. sheila_schultz 12/30/2016

    Great winter shots... The wiggly-squiggly ice covered branches of your Harry Lauder are so cool, I love that shrub! It's the photos with the cardinals, though, that really captured my heart. We don't have any in our area and I really miss that red flash against the white of the snow. Happy New Year everyone!

    1. digginWA 12/30/2016

      We don't have cardinals, either. Miss them from my days in the midwest!

      1. sheila_schultz 12/31/2016

        It didn't even occur to me that they wouldn't be in Denver. I grew up and spent the majority of my life in IL, they were such a gift!

  16. edithdouglas 12/30/2016

    Really a lovely photography job of an equally lovely garden. I love those winter shots!

  17. user-91370 12/30/2016

    Love your garden!!!!

  18. User avater
    gringopeligroso 12/30/2016

    Ms. Renslear!
    Thanx for the serenity this morning!! After the rushing about for most of the month, your peaceful frames were a much needed and appreciated medicine! As others here have mentioned, we in the Sunbelt seldom get to experience these kinds of magical views in our own gardens! I do realize these come with a in an extra layer! (Mabey two!)
    Still, I'll repeat myself: Magical!!

  19. foxglove12 12/30/2016

    So beautiful and frosty! Love the photo with the red birds. Cardinals?

  20. erla 12/30/2016

    Oh, those beautiful cardinals! I am so envious. I lived in Iowa as a child and grew to love them. I just wish they would cross the Rockies and live in the Pacific Northwest. All your pics are lovely, but I'm going to save the cardinals in my photo file. Thanks for sharing.

  21. user-4691082 01/01/2017

    I can't get over the satellite dish! Brilliant! I've been so busy, this is my first look at your post. I can't wait for our first blanket of snow! Thanks for sharing!

  22. thevioletfern 01/04/2017

    Beautiful! So innovative of you to come up with a pergola from a satellite dish. Love the Cardinals in the snow — a sight I never grow tired of. Wonderful gardens.

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