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Prairie Views in Michigan

By Kim Charles


We are back with prairie highlights from Jim Nulty and Hugh Stephens' garden in Fennville, MI. The woodland aspects of their property were featured earlier this month. It's great to see another perspective!

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/01/2017

    Good morning, Jim and Hugh, your pictures today evoke in me an appreciation for the calming effect that viewing a prairie garden gives. The fall palette is very soothing and I suspect seeing those light infused grass seed heads gently waving about is positively hypnotic. I don't know how much human intervention is needed to maintain an artful prairie garden but yours looks to be well loved. Thank you for sharing photos of it.

  2. tennisluv 02/01/2017

    Jim & Hugh, your prairie views had me singing 'America the Beautiful' over my morning coffee and the cats howling ;-). You've captured the amber waves of grain and the majesty of the prairies in your garden. Nature at her best.

  3. user-3565112 02/01/2017

    Good morning guys, all of your photos are terrific The mist in the background of the 2nd. & 3rd. seems to lend a mysterious element to your gardens.
    Good luck, Joe

  4. user-4691082 02/01/2017

    Good morning Hugh and Jim, that is a beautiful blue sky! The photos are so calming. Your property looks very large. It looks like a refuge for animals that protects them from a harsh winter. Do you mow at all? If not, good for you!

  5. Chris_N 02/01/2017

    All very nice. The Indian grass in the first photo sparkles and the silhouetted silphium (prairie dock? compass plant?) is so moody. I'm going to ignore the non-native Queen Anne's lace in the third photo, although as long as it doesn't get too pushy it can be pretty in the prairie. The sunflower (Helianthus giganteus?, grosseserratus?) is bright and happy, and who can resist blackeyed Susan especially when it's the cute little, button nosed Rudbeckia triloba? And is that one of the tick trefoils with the Rudbeckia, Desmodium canadense or D. illinoense?

    I'm curious if burn your prairie to keep out the woodies that would surely would invade otherwise.

  6. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 02/01/2017

    Wonderful views. Great that you have room for a prairie ecosystem.

  7. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 02/01/2017

    Good morning, Jim and Hugh, so nice to see the other part of your garden. Do you have a viewpoint near your prairie because it would be nice to sit and appreciate that peaceful view? It would be great to see more photos of other seasons.

  8. User avater
    HelloFromMD 02/01/2017

    Very cool to have a prairie. What is the size of your field? I grow up on a farm and walked the roads and out onto the pastures. Such a special feeling. Picked a lot of wild blackberries. Do you have a path of some kind to be in the midst of it?

  9. sheila_schultz 02/01/2017

    Thanks for providing more photos of your beautiful prairie, Jim and Hugh. It has to be both relaxing and mesmerizing when you sit in your chairs overlooking the prairie's edge and watch the sway of the grasses. Lovely...

  10. edithdouglas 02/01/2017

    So beautiful. Thanks. We had something like that when we were younger. One summer a lark nested on the ground right in our main viewing area. Watched them all summer till a big thunderstorm passed by, and they all were gone. Good memories triggered by your pics.

  11. Meelianthus 02/01/2017

    Beautiful photos Jim and Hugh! I especially like the first pic, the light dancing thru the grasses gives it such an intriguing sparkly look. Thanks for these prairie views.

  12. foxglove12 02/01/2017

    Gorgeous photos. Love the whispy long grasses!

  13. greengenes 02/02/2017

    These are wonderful shots Hugh and Jim! The blue sky just really sets off some of them. We dont really see much of prairies anymore. I love the simplicity about these! Thanks for sharing!

  14. annek 02/02/2017

    Love your photographs. They are the definition of beautiful simplicity. Simply gorgeous

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