Removing Root Suckers

Root suckers are vigorous vertical stems that ruin a tree’s appearance. They also compete with, and eventually overgrow, tree trunks. In this video, Lee Reich, author of The Pruning Book, demonstrates how to remove root suckers.

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  1. kategalleozzie 02/25/2015

    Two ways to control suckers ... 1. Chemical and 2. Non-Chemical. Carefully treat the suckers with root killers that contain glyphosate and make sure other nearby plants or trees are not infected. The other option is to remove suckers as close as possible to the point of origin on the root, scraping away soil to reach the base if necessary. If possible get the help the help of tree removal company as they better guide and help you related to your issues.

    1. gypsypitcrew 03/04/2016

      I must disagree with you on the use of chemicals to kill suckers. As long as the sucker is attached to the parent tree, you risk poisoning both. You can read about a safer method here:

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