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READER PHOTOS! Mike & Sheila’s garden in New York state, Day 2

Waterfall TWO WAYS TO ENLARGE! Click directly on the image to enlarge in a pop-up. Click HERE to view the image in a new browser window.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider

Day 2 of photos from Mike and Sheila Schneider’s garden in Stony Point, New York. In case you missed it yesterday, they say, “Our garden has been 13 years in its creation on 2 acres of land and it is our dream come true. Some gardens start with a specific plan, some gardens landscapers create. Our garden is a product of combined dreams. Every flower and tree was planted and watered with love. That love brought not only beauty but the peace it created became an invitation to butterflies, hummingbirds, groundhogs, birds, and yes, even deer. No matter where we walk in the gardens we are serene and incredibly grateful for Nature’s creation.”

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider

Wow, Mike and Sheila–you’ve put a lot of love and hard work into this garden, and it shows! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider
View of the hilltop garden
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider
Hilltop garden
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider
Walkway to the hilltop garden
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider
Coming down from the hilltop garden
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider
Walkway to the hilltop garden
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Mike & Sheila Schneider

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 08/08/2012

    great water feature and that is the coolest millstone i have ever seen!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 08/08/2012

    Wow, Mike and Sheila,you have certainly created a wonderland in your 13 years of gardening. I am particularly fascinated by your waterfall and how it seems like just a step outside your about something that has 4 seasons of interest! It looks like you have some wonderfully large fish and I'll bet they are very responsive to human activity and all have names.

  3. joycedaffodilhill 08/08/2012

    What a lovely spot! Rocks. Our little grandson loves rocks, it appears you folks do too. How many tons of rocks did it take to do this. Your choice of trees and plants are striking. Thanks for sharing.

  4. dukeofargy 08/08/2012

    Beautiful. I thought that my property was steep, but yours appears much more so. Your hard work has paid off. Well done.

  5. tractor1 08/08/2012

    All looks very professional, great job.

  6. annek 08/08/2012

    All very beautiful. I particularly like the view of the fence as it ambles up your hill. What type of mulch do you use?

  7. Formandfoliage 08/08/2012

    Green, lush, serene and peaceful. We can feel our blood pressure drop just looking at these photos!

  8. sheila_schultz 08/08/2012

    How beautiful, you have your own little piece of heaven!

  9. LWyre 08/08/2012

    Wow! That is fantastic! What vision you had 13 years ago to create this incredible landscape, and on such a slope! Everything is meticulously pruned! You must spend hours and hours per week!

  10. Helaine Schneider 08/08/2012

    This is my parents home and I just want to say that as beautiful as the pictures are it is even more wonderful in person. Of course they waited until I moved to Florida to create this paradise so I only get to enjoy it a few times each year but I always look forward to being there. I am so glad they are finally sharing images of their creation for others to see!

  11. greenthumblonde 08/08/2012

    I love the way you kept continuity throughout the whole property. Well conceived. You have me wishing for a waterfall. I just dread shutting down a simple fountain in the winter so I've resisted the urge to make such a majestic water feature commitment. Ah... your property is a bad influence. ;-)

  12. greengrowler 08/08/2012

    Mike & Sheila you have certainly made the most of your multi-sloped property everything flows beautifully. There's just enough breathing room for all your plants/shrubs/trees to show off their natural shape. Yes, it is a serene and peaceful place; I can almost here the birds and sounds of the forest critters....

  13. pattyspencer 08/09/2012

    I really love everything you've done. The 2nd top photo reminds me of a nature trail. All is very calming and peaceful! Great job!!

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