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READER PHOTOS! Liz’s garden in Washington

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Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Liz Barry

Today’s photos are from Liz Barry in North Bend, Washington.

She says, “I love gardening as a hobby and also work part-time as a gardener, I own my own small business gardening for about 10 customers. These are some pictures of my garden shed during various seasons.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Liz Barry

“My garden shed is about 4 years old. The part with the little windows was a shed kit from Home Depot that I put together with the help of family members. The addition was put on by a carpenter friend and we used many recycled materials, such as an old door I had in the garage for almost 15 years, windows from my brother’s house, a sink from a customer of mine that remodeled their kitchen, old counter tops and cupboards from our remodeled kitchen, and decking from a display taken down at a building supply place. The railing was made from old fence boards and apple tree twigs, and the lights on the posts are old glass insulators.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Liz Barry

“I put in the little stream and pond about a year and a half ago. I have planted various trees along the stream….hinoki cypress, green laceleaf Japanese maple, copper beech, Korean fir, and mountain hemlock. There are also various varieties of variegated hostas, sedums, and grasses. It is a delight to look out the window of my garden shed at the stream to see the various small birds that come to take their daily baths, birds such as dark-eyed juncos, black cap chickadees, house wrens, and even the bigger red robins.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Liz Barry

“The last photo is of my little granddaughter in front of my garden shed.”

Beautiful, Liz! I think I could move right in!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Liz Barry
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Liz Barry

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  1. Steepdrive 01/31/2012

    Lovely setting and photos but I think Liz needs another name for her garden shed. I think its grown past shed dimensions! In fact before I read her narrative I thought it was her house

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/31/2012

    What a thoroughly delightful project. I can't believe it has been in place for such a short while. It looks timeless. From my point of view as someone who likes to do a little (admittedly, emphasis on the "little") hiking in my neighboring Great Smokey Mountains, Liz did a masterful job in making her stream look very natural.I'm especially impressed that she went to the trouble of adding the tumbles of small size pebbles and the artfully laid tree branch. Small details are often what add up to perfection.

  3. tractor1 01/31/2012

    Shed schmed... that's a house, okay, a cottage... I can live in it! And I love the porch. Is it insulated, does it have heat? How much is the rent? It looks very woodsy so I'm wondering how without a fence you keep the deer from munching your cypress etc. I tried cypress twice but by morning they were gone so I gave up. And you did a fantastic job on your water feature, looks close to natural, best I've seen, and I don't like man made. The entire scene looks natural, I love it, I don't care much for formal gardens or the plant nursery look with as many plants as possible crammed in like soldiers in close order drill, especially in the woods. And I don't see any privacy fencing, wonderful. Everything looks native, no hidiously hued lurid flowers transplanted from the other side of the planet. Liz did great!

  4. greengrowler 01/31/2012

    The stream is fantastic! I agree with the others; it looks so natural and the plants surrounding it are perfect - great job! I, too, thought the shed was your house! Your woodsy scene is delightful...thanks for sharing.

  5. sheilaschultz 01/31/2012

    Your 'shed' and the surrounding area is so warm and inviting... I guess I'll have to take a number for the opportunity to move in. Your customers are lucky!

  6. jmlecocq 01/31/2012

    Beautiful woodsy scene! From my home state!

  7. pattyspencer 01/31/2012

    I would not have guess that this was a shed - I thought it was a cabin in the woods - it's beautiful. Love the stream as well

  8. hlynn65 02/03/2012

    Wow! The shed and yard look beautiful. I love the stream. Liz's love for gardening is evident in her back yard. I love it!

  9. lizmsliz 02/03/2012

    Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments. It was truly a labor of love.
    @tractor 1....yes my shed is insulated and has a little portable heater to keep my plants from freezing that I over winter. It also has a small water heater under the sink that my son installed for me. What a godsend that is when it is cold and my hands are freezing from working outside. I come inside and wash them in hot water. Also, I do have a privacy fence since we have a pool in our backyard and a fence is required, so that does help in keeping out deer and elk. I loved all your comments. Thankyou very much.
    @ meander1....that makes me so proud to think that my garden looks timeless. About 95% of the rocks that I used in the streambed came from our yard. The Snoqualmie River once ran through what is now our backyard, so plenty of rocks. Thank you so much for your comments.

  10. crazeknot 02/08/2012

    I think your shed is wonderful w/ the little stream & all the beautiful garden.

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