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READER PHOTOS! Even more from Jane’s garden in Minnesota

To the left of the path in a sea of Corydalis lutea is a ginger houseplant I dig up each fall.  The chartreuse hosta above it is 'Stained Glass'.  To the right of the path are 'Wizard' coleus varieties and several croton houseplants. 
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Horn

I can’t resist another day of Jane Horn’s garden in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Her plant combos are so great! Here’s a portion of her garden along a shady path. Jane’s plant IDs are in the captions. Enjoy!

Ostrich and Christmas ferns, pink impatiens and eyelash begonia.  In front of the begonia is immature Corydalis lutea and the chartreuse plant to the right is Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’.  The hosta is ‘June’.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Jane Horn

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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/23/2012

    Yes, those plant combos are outstanding. The proportions of the pathway to the plantings seems ideal. I felt like I was standing on one of the paver stones and soaking it all in.

  2. tractor1 01/23/2012

    Fantastic array with great appeal, draws the eye to look everywhere. I really like the inobtrusive plastic edging; low maintenence, cuts way down on invasive roots, and presents a much cleaner demarcation than a jumble of fieldstone. I have one question, what is the purpose of those chains hanging from that tree limb, I hope they are not damaging the bark.

  3. pattyspencer 01/23/2012

    Beautiful design - your eye starts at the front and wanders back. I also like knowing what the names of the plants are.

  4. GeorgiaMarie 01/23/2012

    Jane, you make us all dream of spring! Using the coleus and croton houseplants adds that great splash of color. The pathway draws your eye right down the path to the hammock. Such beautiful textures!

  5. annek 01/23/2012

    What a luscious garden! I love the serene feel and the way the pavers draw your eye towards the next section of paradise.

  6. terieLR 01/23/2012

    How wonderful ~ that you are blessed with mature woods edge as the backdrop to you gorgeous gardens. You have played off the pine blue-greens and incorporated many colors & textures. Bravo Jane!

  7. MizScarlet 01/23/2012

    I'm sitting here looking and dreaming of things to come. I know I can't duplicate what you've done, but you've certainly given me big ideas. I can't wait until Spring. Thank you.

  8. sheilaschultz 01/24/2012

    I'm standing with you, Meander1.

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