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READER PHOTO! A happy orange and lime theme for a busy patio

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Photo/Illustration: David Brockman
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Photo/Illustration: David Brockman
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Photo/Illustration: David Brockman
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Photo/Illustration: David Brockman
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Photo/Illustration: David Brockman
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Photo/Illustration: David Brockman
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Photo/Illustration: David Brockman

Today’s photo is from David Bockman in Fairfax, Virginia. Recently David’s studio, greeneyedesign, llc, was approached to design the outdoor dining area  containers for Fresh Lunch Catering. The owner, Matt Bresson, recently relocated to the historic Joshua Gunnell House in Old Town Fairfax. Built ca. 1830, the house has a lovely small outdoor patio that Matt wanted to use for catered events as well as lunch customers. David says, “Keeping in mind the client’s branding and desire for a distinct, unusual look, I combined culinary potted arrangements with traditional container plants, and chose a very traditional wrought iron furniture maker, Fermob. We chose eyepopping colors in the client’s branding colors (carrot orange and lime green), and I carried that orange into the bloom choices for site harmony. The juxtaposition of traditional with the new works beautifully.” Thanks, David, for sharing these photos with us!

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  1. MoffettCPA 07/08/2010

    I love the way the chair and table colors complement and accent the plant and flowers colors!
    Very nice - not overstated, friendly atmosphere!

  2. Zinta 07/08/2010

    Cozy & cute! Can't wait to try it out and it's walking distance to all the stuff to see and explore in the City of Fairfax too.

  3. Cucinelli 07/08/2010

    Great space! What a lovely spot!

  4. KatieMcGowan 07/08/2010

    Love the feel of this space. The formal elements make it feel timeless and informal elements make is feel like home.

  5. atillakocsis 07/08/2010

    What a lovely eating area. And the shade is great in this heat. Very inviting with the potted plants on the ground and on the walls.

  6. arboretum 07/08/2010

    If that is indeed an aluminum beer barrel being used as an umbrella/plant stand; that is a VERY clever effect!
    Now, dave,ya gotta convince your client to let you use bigger terracotta planters; these are way too dinky to make the statements possible w/ your jazzy choice of plantings!
    (and big purple leaved orange flowered cannas would look so cool in the middle of your plantings!)

    And THEN you need to convince the client to let you do a splashy verdant vine covering for that fountain wall.
    A Gold Heart ivy, deep green w/ yellow centers, would be a great evergreen there(and pick up the bright yellow from your container plantings) and should grow quickly in that reflected-off-all-the-brick Old Town heat. Likewise cover that trellis arbor outside the door. ( Maybe the caterer will even let you do a lattice patio roof with wisteria/roses etc. hanging down!!) An orange beach hat for the lion and some orange and green mini glass-globe/beachballs in the water............Like a stage, it's a great and changeable canvas; go for it!
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  7. David_Bockman 07/08/2010

    @arboretum WOW, ok brother it's on! (jk) I completely agree actually with your suggestions, they're all excellent... just to clarify the umbrella/condiment table is a salvaged oak wine barrel from a local vineyard.

    The client had a modest budget for garden renovation/improvements, but what they did have was all the inherited containers left behind from a previous tenant years prior. So, I was somewhat confined by the necessities of budget and existing conditions, as well as the switch out schedule for more summery compositions (we're rocking seriously spring combinations as long as we can, then probably go right into fall designs a bit later-- maybe next year we can hit all three seasons and do some overwintering fun holiday arrangements as well.)

    With regard to your other ideas-- yes they're spot on for the space. I hope to phase in garden improvements all through next year as time and client budget allows.

    Thanks for such a thoughtful reply!


  8. freshlunch 07/08/2010

    Client here. Dave's work is amazing. The courtyard is my favorite place in the world at the moment. As the proud visionary of this space, I must re enforce the fact that there are no metal beer vessels on site. Reclaimed Keswick Vineyard wine barrels only. Finally, if each of you fine gardening buffs would stop Old Town Fairfax this summer to eat at Fresh Lunch -- David would have ample resources to buy any pot he'd like.

    very cool coverage! thanks for everything, Dave.

  9. AliceMiller 07/08/2010

    Wow! This looks like the spot for a relaxing lunch. Can't wait to try it out!

  10. PositivelySimplified 07/08/2010

    love, love, love it! Bright and cheery - great atmosphere - can't wait to see it in person!

  11. LVtulandscape 07/09/2010

    Really love the pop of orange and lime, two of my favorite colors!Also great chairs for small area. I love the umbrella,and hope to do that also! Maybe no more blown over umbrella's. But I thought it was plants in wine barrel(sorry bad eye's). It would work for that also!
    I love to read that he created with a low budget~that is most inspiring!

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