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Perfect Pollinators

By Kim Charles

Carla Haselhorst enjoys the extended blooms of her plant combinations that keep the pollinators happy.

“Southern Illinois rural pollinator gardens. Blooms March thru frost, wind, clay soils.”

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/31/2017

    That's definitely a pollinator wonderland. Looks great. It's amazing what will grow in our midwestern clay soils.

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 07/31/2017

    So very colorful! Beautiful!

  3. NCYarden 07/31/2017

    Pollinator paradise. Drawing me in as well. Very beautiful.

  4. Sunshine111 07/31/2017

    I am loving the vibrant pops of color, especially the daylily photo!

  5. Chris_N 07/31/2017

    Is this your yard? It looks wonderful!

  6. sheila_schultz 07/31/2017

    Flowers, flowers everywhere! I agree with Tim, you have created a beautiful pollinator wonderland! There has to be a constant hummmmmmm in the background every time you step out your door, lovely!

  7. mjensen 07/31/2017

    beautiful, some of my favorite flowers.

  8. Maggieat11 07/31/2017

    Certainly draws out the "happy" in us with those awesome pillows of color! Lovely pond in the background, also!

  9. eddireid 07/31/2017

    This is lovely Carol, I especially like the picture with the various blues and pinks. The silver foliage of the Lambs Ear really sets off the whole arrangement with the beautiful pond in the background. I also like the way you have made a focal point using the little fence and bird house.

    1. carlahaselhorst 07/31/2017

      The fence was for 2 clematis to attach to. and I have several bird houses scatttered thru the yard.

      1. user-7007140 08/01/2017

        My apologies for not paying sufficient attention to your name Carla. The fence for clematis is a great idea - mind if I borrow that?
        Your plant choices are very similar to my own and I am intrigued that you raise butterflies. Do you buy the larvae?
        My native wildflowers are in areas untended as gardens. I love them. I agree that the wealth of pollinators and huge variety of birds are a wonderful benefit. Wish I had your boast of no mosquitoes! So far they are way too prevalent despite the birds best efforts. I absolutely adore the purple martins arrival every spring as they dive, swoop and soar over the pond.
        Finally, I am envious of your zone 6 - we are zone 5 minus! Grrr!

  10. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 07/31/2017

    Good morning, Carla. You have a beautiful setting for your colorful garden and the pollinators must love it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Cenepk10 07/31/2017

    Gorgeous Love that smoke bush photo bombing the rubeckia pic !!

  12. user-4691082 07/31/2017

    Rudbeckia is so cheerful. You have created beautiful swaths of color for your hungry guests. I'm loving that pond! How many acres do you garden?

    1. carlahaselhorst 07/31/2017

      One acre , large beds around the house , largest separate bed is 20'x 80' I think and several other/ shrub borders and a large wild fenced garden for cup plants and others.

  13. JoannaAtGinghamGardens 07/31/2017

    Beautiful gardens, Carla. Your pictures left me wanting more. Thanks for sharing!

  14. user-7008735 07/31/2017

    Such a lovely setting for your garden, Carla! It must be a treat to walk along the path amidst the mounds of flowers.

    1. carlahaselhorst 07/31/2017

      I have 4 rocked paths within my largest garden and I still can't reach some of them in summer .

  15. user-7007498 07/31/2017

    Beautiful garden, Carla. I can hear the bees buzzing around as I look at your photos.

  16. carlahaselhorst 07/31/2017

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments . I bought a pasture ( one acre) 12 years ago and started my gardens in full sun and relentless winds . I added shrubs especially viburnums and large grasses to provide windbreaks and cover for pollinators . I start with blooms as early as March hellebores and continue often till November asters in zone 6 Southern Illinois . I am currently raising monarchs and swallowtails and fall is when these gardens come alive with butterflies , dragonflies, bees ,wasps and hummers . I am adding more natives and native cultivars to my gardens and I have increase the tree count to over 20. I have a constant breeze and NO mosquitoes till after dark. Everyday I look forward to seeing what has changed in my gardens and who is visiting .

  17. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/31/2017

    Your pollinators' gardens are picture perfect and provide a real life tutorial of what plants work well together. Love your bold red daylily. ('Ruby Spider' perhaps?) and the yellow of the dainty coreopsis blooms in the background makes the dayliy's sunshine yellow throat really pop.
    The pond certainly adds some delightful ambiance as a backdrop to your beautiful property. You're doing a wonderful job of adding the trees and I wonder if it surprises you how mature they are looking?

    1. carlahaselhorst 07/31/2017

      I had 6 young ones 12 years ago on the purchased property we bought nearest the pond . I added river birch, bald cypress to my wet areas and they have grown rapidly .

  18. user-7008787 07/31/2017


    Your garden is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  19. greengenes 08/01/2017

    Carla your gardens speak "summertime" so strongly. They are so colorful and fun! I really like the daylily. You have created a wonderful place for a bee! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your summer!

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