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Outtakes from a Rooftop Garden

When our editors travel to take photos for our magazine, there are always a few deserving gems that sadly don’t make the final cut for publication. But that’s not the end of the line; we would like to share a few outtakes with you from an article in Fine Gardening Issue #166 (November/December, 2015).

Danielle Sherry, Senior Editor here at Fine Gardening, worked with author Todd Holloway to bring you the “Take the Vegetable Garden to New Heights” story. 

I asked Danielle about some of her favorite shots that didn’t find their way into the magazine. Enjoy!

“The Vancouver Club chef, Sean Cousins—and his staff, made me that gorgeous tuna salad. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten—those are the beets he used in the salad in his hand.”

“Those gorgeous wooden plant labels are on every plant in the garden…that particular label should say Crack Tomatoes because they’re ‘Sungold’ which are incredibly addictive.”

“Those are two of the adorable bartenders from the club. They made me an awesome spicy margarita using chili peppers from the garden. It was fantastic…and you know that I’m a cocktail connoisseur!”

Here is Todd himself, checking the tomatoes.

If you enjoyed these photos, you won’t want to miss the time lapse video that shows the building of this amazing rooftop garden.

If you’d like to read the whole beautiful story in the magazine, grab the November/December, 2015 copy of Fine Gardening Magazine and turn to page 60!

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