More Raised-Bed Design Ideas

Fine Gardening - Issue 189

In A Stylish Raised Bed Almost Anyone Can Build, Kerry Shay shares the ins and outs of building your own raised bed from scratch. Below, Kerry covers some alterations you can make to his plan if you are looking for a different aesthetic.

Typically we build our raised garden beds out of pressure-treated pine because of its affordability in our region, but this design could be adapted to other types of wood or made bigger if needed.

Photo: Danielle Sherry

Use bigger boards for a deeper bed

You can make a deeper bed by using wider dimensional lumber for the horizontal pieces on the sides and ends. The integrity of the bed will remain as long as you still use side braces.

Photo: courtesy of Mike Dale

Corrugated metal adds rustic flair

For a more “farmhouse” look, you can build frames from 2x4s and corrugated roofing metal. After building the frame, simply screw a piece of the roofing metal to each side.

Photo: courtesy of Savannah Victory Gardens

Cedar has the best longevity

Cedar is another wood often used for raised beds because of its natural rot-resistance and pest deterrence, but it will also benefit from being sealed with waterproofing paint. Be aware, though, that cedar is expensive.

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  1. geather2002 01/27/2021

    Love these sorts of features. Inspiring me to improve my garden! Thanks! :)

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