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More scenes of a new garden

Kathy Sandel sent in just a few more photos of her current garden in Sacramento, California, and I couldn’t resist sharing them:

A stunningly perfect rose, and behind it a violet blue is verbena, the perennial variety (Verbena hybrid, Zone 9 – 11).

This is a dogwood flower (Cornus sp.) from a small tree planted in a large pot.

I have several full grown citrus trees. Orange, Meyer Lemon, a Sweet lime, 2 tangerines a blood orange and a Keffir lime in a pot.

Loropetalum (Loropetalum chinense, Zone 7 – 10) with pink flowers and dark foliage. The color is echoed by a the foliage of a New Zealand flax (Phormium, Zone 8 – 11) behind it.

What’s left of a peony flower, some dymondia (Dymondia margaretae, Zone 9 – 11) and a sedum. I think this one is ‘Brilliant’, which flowers pinker than ‘Autumn Joy’. The chartreuse leafed plant might be a Spirea.

The house as it appeared when I bought it. Clean, but it wouldn’t melt your heart. I didn’t like the military color of the garage door and trim.

After shutters, a new paint job, and some rose vines: soil prep and drip irrigation for ground cover.

With dymondia ground cover planted. I love the look of the dimondia against the silver/lavender colors of succulents. However the dymondia was not happy here in the front. It loves the rear and side gardens, but it picked up a fungus in the front which weakened it and then the broiling august sun let me know that I needed to change it. I have since ripped it all out and have replanted with Ruschia lineolata ‘Nana’ (Zone 9 – 11) It is a new variety of ice plant, very tiny and grows tight to the ground. It seems to be doing great and they tell me it can be walked on. The tree is a pink flowering Crepe Myrtle.


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  1. rosebudal 12/21/2023

    Ah, California. What a special place. Your garden is lovely.

    1. [email protected] 12/21/2023

      Yes. Even after 5 days of rain and dark skies, I do love California. Still, Sacramento is just enough farther north than Calabasas, so I do get a more colorful fall with the tree leaves turning colors and OMG, I am not used to the leaf droppage! What a cleanup job all over the city!

  2. user-7821942 12/21/2023

    Love the front garden transformation. Your before and after pictures are so inspiring. It looks like you were able to incorporate some of the existing plants (do I see a small Japanese maple?) into your design with great results. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. [email protected] 12/21/2023

      You see correctly. I have an amazing amount of trees on this property, including 4 Japanese maples, 2 olives, 2 Dogwoods (one in a giant pot, a weeping cherry also in a large pot, and 4 of my favorite small trees, the cercis canadensis (redbud). I planted a Forest Pansy, a So. Carolina Sweetheart, a Flame Thrower and a small weeping Rising Sun in a pot. Am I crazy? Can't wait for the spring flush of color.

  3. user-7821942 12/21/2023

    I forgot to mention that the new house colors are fantastic! Love the softer colors and especially the blue trim.

  4. User avater
    simplesue 12/21/2023

    Your citrus trees in pots are fabulous! And wow- thats curb appeal! Nothing like a pretty garden to wrap around a house to give it love! Excellent job!

  5. btucker9675 12/21/2023

    Your house is much happier now in its new colors! Love your gardens and that pink rose is spectacular.

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