March: Daffodil

Photo/Illustration: Kate Geruntho Frank
Photo/Illustration: Kate Geruntho Frank

Botanical name: Narcissus spp. and cvs.
Common name: Daffodil

If you were born in March, your birth flower is daffodil. The stories about how the daffodil gets its botanical name vary. Some say Narcissus comes from Greek mythology. The Greek god Narcissus spotted his own reflection in a pool, fell in love with it, fell into the pool, and drowned. And then daffodils either grew–or were planted–at the place where he died. It’s also speculated that the daffodil was named for the Greek word narkoa, which means “to numb,” because daffodils have narcotic (and toxic) properties.

Anyway you have it, daffodils are just plain lovely, and a more-than-welcome sight in the spring garden.

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