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Let a clematis ramble

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Photo/Illustration: Michelle Gervais

A clematis doesn’t necessarily need a trellis. Garden designer Rebecca Batchie allowed this clematis to carpet a piece of chicken wire atop a stone wall in this South Kent, Connecticut, garden. It works to soften the boundary between the garden bed and the hardscape.

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  1. sweetrebecca 01/19/2010

    This is beautiful, indeed! I've always read that you can let clematis scramble on the ground, but haven't seen one actually grown this way (except for the occasional close-up in a magazine photo)..this is great as it shows a large section of the bed and I must say it looks fantastic!!

  2. arboretum 01/19/2010

    I think the concept of rambling clematis is perfectly fine, whether rambling on the ground or along a wall or through shrubs or conifers. But in this particular situation, I think the planting scheme could be greatly improved.

    A set of substantial and handsome stairs is a rare and very valuable design opportunity in a garden, and merits a planting bed that makes a statement, that complements this garden focal point. In this particular scheme, the choice of plant material is too amorphous/fuzzy and the bed is boringly flat. I would suggest raising the eye level of the entire bed , adding some evergreen material, some plants with substantial foliage, and some bold flowers.

  3. agardener 01/19/2010

    What a great idea. I have some native clematis growing up a fence and need to fill in along the edge of a stone wall - this chicken wire idea is just what will work. I would enjoy seeing more of your garden ideas.

  4. pissant 01/21/2010

    I just love this idea. Think it is a beautiful statement. Give the owner a big applause!

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