Lengthy Bloomers Create a Tropical Paradise

A golden oxalis casts a warm glow, outlining and cradling this arrangement while blending several citrus colors together. Exotic, tropical-looking flowers burst from plants intermingled among the blades of orange hair sedge. Best of all, the shrimp plant and 'Summer Candle' firecracker flower bloom all summer long.

Designed by Rita Randolph

1. 'Yellow Queen' shrimp plant

(Justicia brandgeeana 'Yellow Queen', Zones 12-13)

2. Molten Lava® oxalis

(Oxalis vulcanicola Motlen Lava®, annual)

3. Orange hair sedge

(Carex testacea, Zones 7-9)

4. 'Summer Candle' firecracker flower

(Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Summer Candle', Zones 10-11)

5. Golden Mexican heather

(Cuphea hyssopifolia 'Aurea', Zones 12-13)

6. Variegated vinca vine

(Vinca major* cv., Zones 7-9)




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