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A Tropical Garden

Nicke Barefoot from Coconut Creek, FL is sharing her lovely tropical garden with us. Be sure to bookmark this post and revisit it when you are under a couple feet of snow this winter.

"Here are a few more photos of my South Florida garden, zone 11. Tropical plants do really well here. I have angel wing begonias, lobster claw, heliconia, plumbago, caladiums, & lavender to name a few.  I love your magazine & look forward to each issue." 

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  1. perenniallycrazy 09/25/2015

    Oh Nicke, I miss summer already! My favorite photo is the second to the last one - really great vignette.

  2. user-1020932 09/25/2015

    I do love a tropical garden and use quite a few here in TN . it all looks really good but i'm with Cherry on photo selection, i'm loving that second to last photo with the face,,,,,,,,,,where didja find the face?!?!?

  3. Cenepk10 09/25/2015

    Nice !!!!

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 09/25/2015

    Zone 11...hmm...must be so nice to just let things be as Oct. rolls in and not have that panicked feeling in choosing what plants one is going to bring inside and try to winter over. Ha, Nicke, you get to smile and just continue to enjoy your tropicals. So, what happens to plants like caladiums? Do they just stay looking fabulous or do they get tired and have to be replaced? Your garden looks delightfully colorful and include me a fan of your serene face ornamentation.

  5. user-4691082 09/25/2015

    Ahhhh...I hope you have some jasmine also. When I go to Florida, I relish standing next to it until my husband drags me away...I have the same questions as Meander!

  6. CJgardens 09/25/2015

    Nicke, enjoyed your photos and tropicals. It would be a big adjustment to garden year round since my season is ending and won't return until April. I appreciate the break. Wait - I just realized there wouldn't be fall clean up and mulching; I could give up that.

    I like the red pot in the 2nd last photo; never thought about succulents in that style pot. Might have to do that. Thanks for sharing your gardens. cj

  7. hontell 09/25/2015

    ok Nicke, I'm one month from digging up my jungle, time to move south. Beautiful Crinum lilly, I keep mine in pots in my pond and they never get that big. tropical envy. happy weekend everyone!

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 09/25/2015

    That's quite a tropical retreat. The glazed, red strawberry pot is garnering a lot of attention. I don't think I've ever seen one that nice. Love the color and the great choice of the Ledebouria for its crown.

  9. Annek 09/25/2015

    Ahhh, the brilliant colors of the tropics. Simply amazing, Nicke Barefoot (love your name too)

  10. User avater
    gringopeligroso 09/25/2015

    LOVE your composition pictured in the first photo!! (Heliconia rostrata (Lobster Claw) is my FAVE from that family and I hope to have it here someday for our summer Hummers!!)
    Like how you layered the smaller Heliconia psittacorum dwarf below with a border of Pepperomia, framed overhead by your Phoenix (Date) Palm which appears to have been there for a while!! The variety of architectures and forms compliments and contrasts beautifully! And, allowing the epiphytic Fern to accent the view with yet another texture is genius!! (Not sure if'n you placed it, or it volunteered, but either way.......!!!)
    Like Mr. Ontell, my Crinums are ok, too, but keeping them contained so I can shelter them will never allow them to attain the massive statement which is found at y'all's front door. I'll wager the perfume when they are in bloom is intoxicating to y'all and visitors!! If'n that's a young Plumeria in the same view, then even MORE olfactory delights, as well as great design choice!
    I AM curious, tho: In your shot of your Orchid collection (that's the reddest Phalaenopsis I've ever seen!) there's a very bright shrub in the background across the pool in the blue container. Quite a showoff!! Do you have the name? It kinda looks like Pleomele (Song of India) but it kinda doesn't either??

  11. User avater
    HelloFromMD 09/25/2015

    A beautiful and artistic garden. Love the face with the planters!

  12. sheila_schultz 09/25/2015

    Tropical Paradise does come to mind going through your photos Nicke. The moisture on the begonia leaves says it all for me... I think all of us gardeners that are in the midst of hauling our treasured plants and pots inside for the winter are more than a little green with envy right about now!

  13. greengenes 09/25/2015

    Well Nicke I sure wouldn't mind floating in your pool with a mohito and enjoying your gardens. I so love tropical plantings. These are all beautiful and full of smell, humidity and fun!Thanks for sharing!

  14. junesmart 09/27/2015

    These photos surely do speak to a foliage lover like myself. The wonderful colors! The delightful art! Hope you will continue to send more pictures.

  15. candicedirckzeperera 09/29/2015

    I live in sri lanka, another tropical country, and i have most of these plants. I would love to see more of your garden! thanks

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