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Lava Rockin’

Trifecta of Ugly
Trifecta of Ugly

My midcentury modern ranch is literally encircled in red lava rock. It’s laying on top of an ineffective layer of clear plastic. We are in the process of raking it up and doing…. something with it. How does one get rid of this much red lava rock?

  • I am using much of it to fill the GIANT pot I brought from work. Once I get it half full, I’ll lay burlap bags on top of the lava and fill the container the rest of the way with soil


  • I’m giving some to my sister’s boyfriend to mulch some beds that feral cats get into. I have no data to back this up, but I’m betting that lava rock is kryptonite to feral cats.


  • I send one lava rock in Dan’s lunch everyday. What happens to it once it gets to work with him is his problem. Just kidding. I don’t make his lunch!


  • We could paint it to look like popcorn.  Then what? Fake popcorn fight!


  • With some glue, we can recreate the Hawaiian island in miniature in the tiny creek 


  • Is there a volcano someplace missing this stuff? Should I ship it back? A Kickstarter campaign for returning the lava rock to its volcano?


  • I can donate it to someone who uses red mulch, so they can have the complete set!
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  1. Garius 09/12/2012

    I bet if you put an ad in your local version of Craig's list (our's is call Kijiji), saying that it is free for the taking, it would go in no time. It's amazing what effort people will go to in order to get something for free. Best of all, they do all the work of loading and hauling it.

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