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Encore azaleas are hardier than previously thought

Autumn Sweetheart
Photo/Illustration: courtesy Encore Azaleas
Autumn Sweetheart
Photo/Illustration: courtesy Encore Azaleas

Several cultivars of the popular line of reblooming azaleas known as Encore azaleas are now being rated as hardy to Zones 6A and 6B . Here are the lists as reported in Garden Center Magazine:

Ten varieties consistently exhibited cold hardiness throughout Zones 6A and 6B:

  • Autumn Amethyst
  • Autumn Carnation
  • Autumn Cheer
  • Autumn Lilac
  • Autumn Royalty
  • Autumn Ruby
  • Autumn Sangria
  • Autumn Sundance
  • Autumn Sunset
  • Autumn Twist

In Zone 6B, nine additional varieties also consistently exhibited solid cold hardiness:

  • Autumn Bravo
  • Autumn Carnival
  • Autumn Debutante
  • Autumn Embers
  • Autumn Empress
  • Autumn Monarch
  • Autumn Princess
  • Autumn Sweetheart
  • Autumn Rouge
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  1. GooberPetey 08/30/2010

    Blechk. Encores aren't any more spectacular than other spring flowering azaleas...and why would you want azaleas blooming in October (only a putrid reblooming at that)? That's like wanting tulips blooming in August.

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