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Kiss My Aster’s Gifts for Gardeners Guide 2011

I sometimes get asked for my suggestions for gifts for gardeners and I mean, it’s winter, everything is dead. It’s hard to think about something that makes me even more sad about not being out in the dirt that I now have to stare at this gift for another 4 months and not put it to good use. Just give me a box of Frango Mints, completely not garden related but always appropriate, and let’s get on with it already.  But this year? I’ve been working on my list, albeit a short one, all year long.

Are you ready?

1. Crazy slug nightlights/flashlights from OXO. I bought them because I couldn’t find a nightlight with sass for Hazel’s room but I have a strong feeling that I will use these things forever- or for as long as the LED lightbulbs last. They charge on a base and then can be carried anyplace once they are charged.  Right now, Hazel uses one as a nightlight and the other one is for my late night trips to the ladies’ room or whatever. I cant wait to use them on backyard camping trips and for trick-or-treating once Hazel walks and stuff. And of course, the big selling point, they are neon colored slugs.

2. Gardeny smelling products from Crabtree and Evelyn. I’m no old lady but I sure go weak for anything old-fashioned rose scented. Crabtree has the BEST. Their rosewater hand salve is fantastic- makes my hands super soft and covers up any odd stink I may have accumulated in my adventures. I like their lavender, too. Most lavenders out there smell nothing like lavender and in fact, just smell “purple”.

3. The Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler— I don’t read many gardening books because I’m too busy actually gardening but I read this puppy from cover to cover like it was hot, steamy chick-lit. Her descriptions of plants are amazing and so very fun to read. Any gardener, no matter how long they’ve been at it, would enjoy reading this book. Your only worry is… Do they already have it? Eh, they can always regift it.

4. Garden Cookies— I wish my kid was old enough to make these seed laden cookies with me. The kit includes everything you need to make cookies that can be chucked out into the garden and have reseeding wildflowers sprout up. I see a lesson in seed bombing for little ones here!

5. How about a membership to your local botanic garden? I know I get every penny out of mine. Not only do I get to go frequently enough where it pays off but with most botanic gardens or arboretum memberships you get a reciprocal membership for zillions of other gardens.This way, you can hit up gardens everywhere you travel, ya dig?

6. How about a subscription to a lovely gardening magazine? It’s the gift that keeps on giving! And I know JUST the magazine…

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  1. lorenka 11/29/2011

    I love the slugs! I think my 2-year would love them too.
    The only C&E fragrance I have a thing for is lily-of-the-valley, that's just me.

  2. MichelleGervais 11/30/2011

    I have to have those slugs!!

  3. KissMyAster 12/04/2011

    The slugs are well worth the dough. And they come in other colors, too!

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