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Kim’s from-scratch garden in Missouri (12 photos)

My front yard which is mostly sun.
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s photos are from Kim Gamel in Missouri. She says, “I am a Master Gardener from St. Louis, and have lived in my home for 11 years.

One of my front porch containers with petunias, Calibrachoa and Carex. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel

“When we moved in, the house had been rental property with absolutely no landscaping and it’s been a work in progress ever since. It’s a small lot in Ladue but I’ve done my best to maximize what we’ve got!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel

“I also have a passion for container gardens and 3 years ago started a small business creating them for people and businesses. I’ve included some photos of my own containers, which are usually filled with new (to me) plants that I’m trying out before using on clients.”

More of the west side of yard with knockout roses, annuals and an Amelanchier. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel

Kim, your house and garden are so classic and pretty. And your containers are gorgeous!

This is further along the east side which is mostly sun. The large shrub is an Amelanchier and to its right is a lavender that’s out of control! Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel

****Hey all, I’m not getting many submissions these days! I need to bulk up on posts for the looooong winter months, people, and it’s all on YOU! 😉 Get outside and take some last minute shots, or compile a few you took earlier int he season. I’ll be eternally grateful…. Email them to [email protected]. Thanks! ****

This is the east side of my garden which is shade in a.m. and afternoon sun. The tree is a Chionanthus that I planted 2 years ago. Growing up the trellis is a birdhouse gourd I got at a plant sale. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel
Container grouping near water fountain. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel
Another container with Canna, coleus and Alternanthera. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel
Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel
A grouping of purple-hued containers. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel
Our table receives full sun so I’ve grouped a mix of succulents which do great there. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel
A large container with some plants I was unfamiliar with until now: Breynia and Salvia ‘Wendy’s wish’ along with thyme, Canna and petunias. Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Kim Gamel

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  1. gloriaj 10/07/2013

    Your containers are pretty. My favorite one is the last one on the right. I love the colors you used in it.

  2. wGardens 10/07/2013

    Very nice! Enjoyed your containers, especially the Carex with purple petunias and the last one in the lower right! I am sure you derive much pleasure in creating the containers. Beautiful! And your Amelanchier trees provide great structure and contrast in your gardens.

  3. dirtgirl1949 10/07/2013

    Beautiful Kim, you've done a grand job. Loving all the photos but in particular the one with the Coleus and Canna display, it's awesome. The succulents on the table display are great - I use a lot of them here too due to our harsh climate and very limited rainfall.

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/07/2013

    Hi, Kim, I had to go back for a second look at your first picture. I always admire people who take the time to maintain flower boxes on upper level windows.When done well (and your are), they give a place such warmth and charm. Is someone in in your family handy and made them to custom fit or were you lucky in finding some to buy? I like your choices of ornamental trees in your back...they'll just get better and better as the years pass. Your pots are all great with that last one a particularly lush beauty.

  5. tractor1 10/07/2013

    Ah, someone needs a hose reel. lol I like your Fringe Tree, nicely configured and shows well against that light colored fence. I like all the planters and especially the window boxes. I like your use of landscape blocks for a retaining wall border too. The only thing I would change to brighten up your house is to give those black shutters a coat of happy daffodil yellow paint, that austere black door and the window boxes too. I'd give a bird bath a place of honor along side your Chionanthus/Fringe Tree. Thank you, Kim.

  6. wittyone 10/07/2013

    Great containers and such interesting mixes of flowers. Love the one with the ornamental cabbage, third from top on the right--nice color combination. Is the ornamental grass in the back in the container or just growing inground behind it?

  7. Wife_Mother_Gardener 10/07/2013

    Lovely containers!

  8. pattyspencer 10/07/2013

    Beautiful containers - my favorite is the one just below your house pic. I also like your pic with the fence - I've copied it to give me an idea of how I might try to do something to my fence next spring.

  9. kgamel 10/07/2013

    Thanks all! @ wiityone: the grass in back is in the pot and is a type of Carex. And @ meander1: we were lucky enough to buy the windowboxes pre-made.

  10. GrannyMay 10/07/2013

    Congratulations Kim! It's hard to start from scratch. You have to wait for trees and shrubs to grow and not be tempted to hurry the process by planting fast-growing ones that will get too big for the area. The birds will love the berries on your Amelanchier and maybe even leave you some for jams or jellies.

    Your containers are lovely. You have grouped them perfectly to create focal points at the front and back doors and in your borders. It takes an adventurous spirit to continue to explore new plants to please your customers. I look forward to more photos as your garden evolves. Thank you!

  11. sheila_schultz 10/07/2013

    Kim, what a treat to open GPOD this morning to see your gardens and containers. You're container design style is very gentle and your plant combinations are lovely. I'm sure you have some very happy clients.

  12. wwross 10/07/2013

    Great garden and great ideas for pots. Frankly, the only thing that is a little distracting is the landscape wall. There is something about them that is a little too uniform and unnatural. But it looks as though you soon will have plants that drape over them.

  13. CJgardens 10/07/2013

    Kim, beautiful container designs and yard. I liked the grouping of succulents on the table, the purple-hued grouping, and the last photo of the pink themed container. How do the ornamental cabbages hold up in the containers? Do they look good for months? I also like using perennials in containers; several seasons of use from one plant is easier on the budget. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  14. terieLR 10/07/2013

    Hi Kim, Congratulations on your garden design. I really like how you've enclosed the backyard with soft curves and small groupings of repetition to keep the eye moving. Great plant choices also. Your containers really add a nice touch. My fav is the purple hued grouping ~ so soft. Love, love the design of that front porch roof. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. :)

  15. wildthyme 10/07/2013

    I'm with dirtgirl! My favorite is the coleus/canna combo; great colors! I know how hard it is to start from scratch. Our 1-acre yard was shoulder high weeds when we started, and it's been a 7-year process of planting, moving, replanting, etc. I admire people who are able to plant something and not have to move it several times because it got too big, didn't get big enough . . .

  16. cwheat000 10/08/2013

    Beautiful containers! Good luck with your business.

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