Julian Duval, San Diego Botanic Garden

The president and CEO of the San Diego Botanic Garden discusses the need for conserving and restoring native plants

Gary Junken, Produced by Antonio Reis and Danielle Sherry

Most of us probably don’t think that much about the number of endangered plants in the United States, but in Southern California too many plants are at risk. The San Diego Botanic Garden and other gardens in the area banded together to take an active role in conservation with the help of the Center for Plant Conservation.

The challenge of conserving plants in Southern California has been longstanding, but climate change has made it even worse. Now it is more crucial than ever to take better care of native plants and become better stewards of the natural world.

The staff and volunteers of the San Diego Botanical Garden are doing their part to ensure the native plants of the area are not lost forever. To learn more and see how you can get involved, visit their website:

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