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Highlights from Juniper Hill Farm

By Kim Charles

One of the first gardens I entered. Set up as a pottager garden.

Lily Jacobi shares highlights with us from her favorite garden conservancy tour in 2016.

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"Last weekend we had open garden days from the garden conservancy here in New Hampshire, I had the opportunity to visit six Gardens, but this one was the best one in my opinion. These photos are from the Gardens at Juniper Hill Farm, Francistown New Hampshire. What I really loved about it was that there was so much of the homeowners personality expressed throughout the various garden spaces."


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Another favorite was an area called the "Stump Garden". Very creative use and placement of these normally thrown away items!

I very much enjoyed this particular portal into a new space and the use of stumps on top of and around the entryway.

The use of this shade of blue and the creative form of the fence is very pleasing to me.

Color, form and texture at its best! 

The Angelica really pops and provides a nice contrast in its surroundings.

This piece really captured my heart and touched my soul. Such a simple construct, but very elegant, refined and humble.

A simple garden structure looking out on a pond. I sat in it for a few minutes to enjoy the view.

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  1. brianmazzer 01/06/2017

    Fantastic! A brilliant use of bits and pieces collected about the place. I love it.So much inspiration here.

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      Thank you Brian! I'm glad you enjoy them as much as I did!

  2. frankgreenhalgh 01/06/2017

    Hi Lily - Thanks for sharing the photos of a very interesting garden showing considerable flair of the owners. I love that cart (we call it a dray here), and hope that the watering of the plants doesn't rot the wood underneath. Cheers from Oz

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      I am glad you enjoyed the photos Frank! I am sure Joseph has it under control somehow…!

  3. tennisluv 01/06/2017

    Lily, great pictures. I think my favs are the riff on the Parthenon in the last photo and the rusted metal rings held in place on the poles with the simple use of 3 small stacked stones. The owners/caretakers of the Gardens at Juniper Hill Farm have both a good eye for plantings AND a wry sense of humor. You just gotta love the mix.

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      Those were some of my favorites too Sonya! We are on the same page for sure…

  4. Jay_Sifford 01/06/2017

    Thanks for sharing. I'm a huge fan of sculpture in the garden, and the pieces in this space are quite simple and reflect the genius loci, which is always appropriate. I'm also a big fan of entry ways. They set the tone for the garden, can enhance expectations and elicit emotion when thoughtfully designed. The use of local elements again speaks to the land and its history. The stumpery...... I've never liked them as they look way too messy for me, but I'm trying... really, I'm trying. Maybe one day.

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      We should all be inspired by this garden! Taking bits from here and there, and incorporating it into our space in our own unique way… Stumps or no stumps!

  5. barbarasmithgulino 01/06/2017

    Hi Lily, I live in New Hampshire (Mount Washington Valley) and I'd love to know more about upcoming garden days in 2017. Which conservancy? Thanks!

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      Hi Barbara, It's the garden conservancy. It's a nonprofit organization. You can look it up online and sign up as a member. They will send you emails of open days in your area and then you can visit Gardens when they are open to the public. I believe the website is

  6. User avater
    meander_michaele 01/06/2017

    A happy good morning to you, Lily. I really enjoyed the pictures you've shared of your visit to The Gardens at Juniper Hill Farms. Sometimes, a gpod submission will give me a brain tickle that sets me off on a google info journey and today's was one of those. Seems like the owner of this property has a blog which includes many additional pictures and, oh, my, I can certainly see why this garden captivated you. You captured some great highlights from the certainly contains lots of inspiration.

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      Thank you! I am glad that we can all inspire each other! That is what so great about gardening, we all share and learn from each other!

  7. NCYarden 01/06/2017

    Very cool that you share these delightful photos from your garden visit. This is definitely a uniquely stylized garden. I love the stumps as garden art. It reminds me of the extreme drought we had here back between 2005-2007, where I made Christine hike with me about a mile and half out into the dried lake reservoirs to "harvest" old stumps to be placed in the garden. Wow was she miserable (and me too a little admittedly, as some of the them were quite heavy and we had to carry them as there was no way to drag along a cart). But we scored some choice pieces.
    The photo with the spruce, yew, and Japanese maple with the millstone sculpture is just superb.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. tennisluv 01/06/2017

      I agree about the millstone with the spruce, yew, and Japanese maple. The composition is spot on perfect.

    2. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      I'm glad you enjoyed the photos… I am looking forward to sending in some more from other Gardens.

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 01/06/2017

    Thanks for sharing these great photos of Joseph Valentine's Juniper Hill Garden. I've been following him on Instagram and he is a great gardener and a great photographer. You've really captured some amazing highlights. I love every bit of it. Wish I had been there.
    I'm ready for spring!

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      Me too, Tim, but I think it's going to be a while yet! Spring that is… !?

  9. sheila_schultz 01/06/2017

    You know the old saying, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'? Your vision of beauty certainly meshes with mine, Lily. Thank you for sharing these images of a uniquely beautiful garden!
    Stay cozy everyone, it's going to be a cold weekend for many!

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      Thank you Sheila! I am glad you enjoyed the images. It's always fun to see everyone's response!

  10. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 01/06/2017

    Lily, what an inspirational post this morning. Art in the garden is such a natural extension of creativity especially when done well. The simple rings on stumps are great as are the blue gates. I agree with Jay that a good entrance to a garden heightens your curiosity and enjoyment of what lies beyond. Thanks so much for sharing this. I'll definitely be searching out his blog.

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      I am glad you enjoyed the photos. I love going on garden tours, and have done so many times over the past 15 years. I will be sending in more photos soon!

  11. user-6896762 01/06/2017

    Wow! Such creativity. The use of the old wagon wheel hoops was terrific! I am blown away by the unique use of such elements to make beautiful, interesting and artistic focal points. Very inspiring!

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      I know, I want to copy it and put it in my garden too!

  12. Cenepk10 01/06/2017

    Wow... this has been a great week - as far as these posts go... Such glorious art we've seen. Is there any better canvas than a slice of Earth to create your personal masterpiece? Amazes me. You really can see the depth of the souls that make these beautiful gardens. Really love receiving these posts & glimpsing at everyone's work ... fabulous

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      I am glad you enjoyed them so much. Thank you for your lovely comments.

  13. edithdouglas 01/06/2017

    There is nothing in these pictures that I don't want! The hedges are especially nice. I was planning on using some stumps like that, and seeing those planted is inspirational, so maybe I'll actually get it done. Thanks.

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      I am glad I was able to provide some inspiration for all of us envious gardeners!

  14. schatzi 01/06/2017

    WOW!!! What a gorgeous, original, creative garden! I love the use of wood and stone, stumps and what I would call driftwood. I have never been a fan of art in the garden, but these examples are spectacular. I like them because they don't stray far from the natural.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty. I am going to have to see his blog.

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      The garden is a true delight… A pleasure to behold.

  15. user-7008335 01/06/2017

    Hi Lily! Thanks so much for posting the lovely photos from your visit to our garden at Juniper Hill! I'm so happy that you had the chance to stop by during our opening for The Garden Conservancy. And, thanks to all for the nice comments...much appreciated!

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      The pleasure was all mine Joseph!

      1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

        I had no idea that you followed this blog... I am curious what you thought when you saw this pop up in the email this morning?

  16. eddireid 01/06/2017

    Good choice, Lily! I particularly love the wheelbarrow full of flowers and displayed on gravel with verbascum growing through - lovely.
    Before reading this I had been dreaming of making a Stump Garden a la Prince Charles at Highgrove, so to see that Joseph beat me to it was a strange coincidence. Have you visited Highgrove, Joseph? I have not and only read about it, but The Stumpery appealed to me very much. Wonderful interpretation.
    Thank you Lily for your post.

    1. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

      Alas Eddi, I have no prior awareness of the stump garden at Highgrove! Should I ever make it to England again, I will focus on Gardens instead of what I did the last time I was there… Thank you for your lovely comments. All the best wishes for the new year.!

      1. eddireid 01/07/2017

        Thank you Lily.    When you decide to visit i would be delighted to recommend gardens you may like to wander - my favourite occupation!

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        A new comment was posted on Fine Gardening

        Lily Jacobi

        Alas Eddi, I have no prior awareness of the stump garden at Highgrove! Should I ever make it to England again, I will focus on Gardens instead of what I did the last time I was there… Thank you for your lovely comments. All the best wishes for the new year.!

        10:17 p.m., Friday Jan. 6


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        Good choice, Lily! I particularly love the wheelbarrow full of flowers and displayed on gravel with verbascum growing through - lovely. Before reading this I had ...
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  17. Sunshine111 01/07/2017

    Thank you Diane for your words of appreciation. I love that I was able to capture something that delighted so many. The garden is truly a treasure and work of art.

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